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Now, i know for many of you, this is probably a silly question but....

i really want to turn my music 3000 songs into mp3 but i dont know how to do this. i tried using a cable that has 3.5mm jacks on both ends, connecting to my tv headphone socket and my laptop's microphone socket but the sound quality was terrible. I am recording the songs using magix music maker 16.

Now a tutorial video would be great as i dont understand the different cable names etc like y-cables and what RCA means. A simple 'how to' would be awesome and i would really appreciate if anybody could help me out here.

My next idea would be to use an adaptor for the audio cables on the ps2. connecting the video to the tv and the 2 audio cables to the adaptor and plugging the adaptor into the microphone socket of the laptop via 3.5mm jack. Then recording on magix music maker 16, would this work???