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There's something wrong with the download, mate. It keeps chucking me a 55.7kb file that won't play my way. >>
Sorry for the late reply from me, but thanks, man! I'll check it out when I'm a little less busy; I've got a load of tunes that I really need to crack on with making!
Cheers man!
never the less, I was brought up in a household where saying thanks for your compliments and posetive critique is the right thing to do. I'm not about to just sit here and go "yeah, I know, I'm pretty fucking excellent, ain't I?"
Albums / Re: Absolutely Bloody EVERYTHING.
May 24, 2011, 02:29:04 PM
damnit man, you flatter me! Thanks so much!
@ ZoDiaC: I know, definately one of the illest basslines I've knocked up in a while. Deep and penetrating. And made with a sample I don't normally use, as well.
Glad you liked it!
Downtempo / Re: Unnatural [HYPNOSTEP]
May 24, 2011, 02:27:43 PM
Knowlesy: I'm not suseptible to any claims of neck breakage due to head bopin' cause by this track, ok man? Hahaha, glad you liked it, my friend!

RS: And once again, RS, you manage to leave me totally speechless. The fact that it produced a clear image in your head alone is compliment enough. And I'm not the biggest fan of dubstep, but I think it's a genre that has a LOT of potential in the right hands- I don't claim to BE one of those right hanbds, mind- produced just need to figure out that what the warbles and wubs need is a tune and a structure. An all over the place piece of madness may work for an ambient tune, but for a tack that by design is supposed to get you moving and shaking, it just becomes annoying. I'd say check out the 'A Bullet For Your Thoughts?' demo to give you an idea of something I've dones that's closeer to contemporary dubstep, but still has flavorings of the 'Hypnostep' style I've started crafting with this tune.
Thanks a ton, man! You always know what to say!
Hahahaha, cheers man!
@ ZoDiaC: Aww, thanks man! I'm really glad this is one of your faves. And haha, one of the guitar riffs- the one that plays at the start- is an in-joke riff now. I keep it around entirely so I can slip it into my songs, sometimes subtly, others not so much. I can't remember where it came from now, but it's been in a couple of my songs- sadly only two of which were good enough to last, and recent enough to be recorded via wire; and that's this track, and the original version of this track, which is slightly faster, and more break heavy. If this version is the "late 90s-early 2000s" style beat, then the original version is the type of treack you'd blast from a boombox whilst walking down Fifth Avenue in the late 80s, lemme put it that way, haha.

@ Eddy: Holy shit, it does have a slight SOR groove to it, yeah. Glad you liked it, man!
Thanks, mate!
It's a good thing you pointed the typo out, I hadn't even caught it!
Glad you liked the track, man!
That's pretty fucking sick, man! You can really hear the effects you've had on the track, and it sounds really damn full, meaty, like it's actually USING every audio channel it can. You might not be bliss, but I apritiate the gesture all the same :'D
Cheers, Knowlesy! Yeah, I went all out with the synths with this one, really trying to go for that 90s-video game feel that harkened back to 80s synthpop- a genre that by now you should know I am a HUGE lover of!
@ Eddy: Thanks, man! Hahaha, I think that's probably because I work with about 7 or 8 different styles and a few of them are nigh uclassifiable.

@ Rob: Glad you liked it, man!
Cheers man! Hahaha, glad the bass got you grooving, and that the funky guitar wasn't too out of place in what is predominately a synthpop styled track.
Oy, I feel you there, man. The amount of songs I started last year that STILL sit on my memory card in an unfinished state is staggering.

Glad you liked the track, man!
House/disco / Re: Heaven Highway -Past-
May 24, 2011, 01:58:52 PM
Ahahaha, it's fine, I'm not as much of a fan of Sonic as I used to be- though I'm aware my current avitar may be misleading with that claim.
Yeah, Alien's a really nice little sample, but it's a bugger to use. I think I actually had two versions of it loaded; one version unedited, and one with the pitch-shift at the end axed off and looped. Though I could be wrong and I could've just used the 'super gate' volume envelope and carefully placed/decided what length the bass notes should be. I've done both of the same sort of thing with riff's like Alien before.
Glad you liked it man!
House/disco / Re: [DANCE] Braindance
May 24, 2011, 01:56:01 PM
On both comments: The intro got that reaction from most everyone, and to be honest I'm not too keen on the way it sounds- at least not for the first 28 seconds anyway. I'm not sure what I was thinking at the time, but at least the rest of the track makes up for it.

@ FS2: There was a lot more I wanted to do with the breakbeat section, but I was running out of sample space and some of the things I was trying weren't really working. You can hear that I tried to have a backing synth line going on and slightly panned to the side when the melody kicks in, but no matter what I did it either sounded too loud or it overpowered everything; the result you hear is the best I could really get. And hahaha, if there's one thing I love doing, it's proving that the guitars in M2K CAN be used and have the potential to sound fucking brilliant.

@ Da5t3r: Thanks, mate!
Christ, I didn't realise I'd left some comments along for THIS long .__.
As a general comment to all of you, I appriciate the comments on the mixing, and by and large it's as clean as I try to make it... With the exception of the main breakbeast riff; I must've put it together with the pan set 50% to the left on all of the samples without noticing until after I'd already recorded it and deleted the memory card file. 8D;; Thankfully it doesn't hurt the track at all, really, and most of the other drums have been panned correctly.

@ Dutch: Hahaha, cheers man! Glad you liked the funky chords.

@ Knowlesy: I was aiming for something more middle eastern, unless you mean in composition style rather then in sound style; in which case thats a hell of a compliment XD
Glad you loved the track all the same, mate!

@ Arcane: Yeah, on a couple of my track's that's happened, the drums have come out quiter then they should, although in this case, some of it can be blamed on the accidental mis-panning of some of the drums taking the punch out of 'em. Sometimes they're intentionally quiet though, so it blurr's the line between where it's an accident and where it's intentional. Still really happy you liked the track though!

@ Jerbs: Cheers man!
@ RS: Ah, man, you always say the nicest bloody things to me, seriously. Thanks for that. And I'm glad you really like this track, mistaken-location usage and all

@ Jerbs: Glad you liked it, my friend! In regards to your signiture, by the way; that's a good thing, because if my work isn't hip hop, trip hop, dance, breakbeat or synthpop, it's propably uncatagorizable madness.

@ Eddy: Aww, thanks man!