TIMGUL Hypermix 2009 // DISC 01

Started by Not a Number, June 23, 2009, 09:12:13 PM

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Not a Number

I was originally going to do this for 2008 in time for Christmas but I couldn't get enough songs in time, so I'll do the next best thing and make a new mix every 3 months. (and then mix that year's files into one 3-hour mp3)
Each mix contains 12 tracks, 3 from each month that the song was initinally released onto the Internet (Disc 1 has January, February, March and April; Disc 2 has May, June, July and August; and Disc 3 has September, October, November and December).

So, Hypermix 2009 DISC 1.
Total time: 1:15:58


1.00: Intro*
1.01: DJ Omnimaga
      level3.mp3 ((there wasn't any title in the mp3, but that was the filename))
1.02: Pillage My Village
      Messages From Heaven 2009
1.03: Seipher
      No Hope (Remix)
1.04: Dimuliya
      01 - 30 ((ok so it's not on TIMGUL; it's epic enough to be included))
1.05: nakamura
      A New Dawn   
1.06: 147 crew
      The Machine (12" Vinyl Mix)
1.07: DarkBliss
      Memory Erased
1.08: AudioGhost
      Less Than Zero
1.09: Bass Launch
      2010: The Year of Robotic Control (vocal edit)
1.10: DJ Ryznup
      The Last Stand
1.11: Weapons Division ((a.k.a. stonecold))
      Refuse to Fight
1.12: Shellshaka

Super Edition (75-minute mp3):
Standard Edition (individual mp3s, with transitions):
Ultra Edition (Discs 1, 2 and 3 as one huge mp3):
- coming Christmas 2009 -

*yes I'm evil. :D