Started by J-MACHine, August 08, 2009, 09:51:38 AM

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Well, after the postal strike subsided, my adapter finally arived and, after much deliberation and messing with recording imputs and what have you, i finally got the first 5 tracks of my album, "This is Who i Am" recorded! As you can guess from the name, it more-or-less is a musical document to ideologies, opinions, and little quirks that i have.
(Note that i will update these threads when i have Album Art to post; I haven't had any time to get some proper drawing done the last couple of days.)

Napsbury is the shortened name of a housing estate built on the remains of a mental assylum (Which had the very same name) located in London Colney. The road i acctualy live on acctually turns off into the place. As you can imagine, many a bullshit 'Ghost Stories' where spun in playgrounds, including the ghosts of Axe-Wielding Psychopaths. Knowing someone who did work then before it was shut down, i can assure you they never treated any psychotic criminals. Just you're run-of-the-mill mentally handicapped people (barring in mind i don't mean that as insensetive as that might have come off). It was more or less shut down for money purposes. At least, i think that's the case. I'm not entirely sure.

In spite of this, the few remaining relics that remind the residents of the time it did serve as a Mental Assylum are hauntingly (*snerk*) beautiful. And inspired me to create this quick, mood-based peice. I tried mixing up various samples to give them odd, unnerving sounds, to reflect decrepid, run-down ruins that have long since been out of commision, but continue to leave a lasting impression;' even if but one of slight sorrow. I think the only 'natural' melody sample is the Piano loop.
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Nice relaxing track. Good pads. Which prog? Music2000?
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Interesting, I live near London Colney :) (place called Hatfield)

Well, I loved the pads on this, and the beat matched very well. Emotional stuff, nice work.

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i agree with jcw, lovely pads and beat, bliss would be proud of that. nice piano notes too. try to add some more reverb to the tinkerbell to make it sound more ethereal. good atmospheric song.


@ Smates- Thanks! And yeah, i use Music 2000. Occasionally use Music 2002, but i haven't had a working laptop for a while.

@JCW- Oh, you're a Hatfield resident? Huh, Small World, eh? Hahaha!
Glad you enjoyed it, too. ESPECIALLY Glad you used the term "Emotional".

@Shellshaka- Thank you very much!
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