ping pong (jeskola buzz) very trippy acid track

Started by Casper AudioGhost, November 06, 2009, 01:36:16 AM

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Casper AudioGhost

please check out my latest minimal psy progressive acid track-i'm having a lotta fun using my buzz it's taken months of tinkering but i'm finally feeling confident and going semi pro lol-better quality and more effects anyway-hope u enjoy this please comment constructive criticism invited  casper
RIP Marna Patterson (1947-2009) i love you mom,my music is for you:)
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.:DJ Droppin:.

:33 .... jeez
That's friggin epic
like that subtle acid sound behind the psy arps.
2:38 that's wicked...
Like the synth/arp at 3:11
Damn there's so much going on created by just those arps.
Sound is going all over the place!

Damn you're quickly mastering Buzz.  :)
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Casper AudioGhost

thanks for listening and commenting rob :D the variations u hear in the psy arp is me manipulating filter presets in real time so in essence i'm performing but this is a simple track set up and an example of old skool acid pioneering reduced to simple software trickery.the soft ware i use simulates old skool hard ware set ups where u connect machines which are synths or sound generators to a master and if u wish connect effects machines in between the synth machines and the master.there are millions of different simple things u can do and when u add loops n sound fonts to the mix-ur pretty much in fl ableton territory.for now i'm having a blast:)  cheers casper
RIP Marna Patterson (1947-2009) i love you mom,my music is for you:)
my net label 57 tracks
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crimzon doom

awsome job with this one man..the progression on this track is superb...the whole piece is great all the way to the last bar...10/10 ;D
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Casper this is a VERY cool track.

This is the kind of track I`d love to have playing whilst I`m chilling out on another level if you know what I mean.

The subtle acid effects are expertly crafted and manipulated, the way they evolve as the track goes on is amazing. Also, the whole thing sounds so crystal clear.

A wonderful, progressive piece right here Casper, awsome stuff.
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