Million (Christmas Contest entry)

Started by J-MACHine, December 17, 2009, 09:28:52 AM

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I did post this in the main thread, but i felt like kicing off a thread for this in case someone missed it.

Rather then going for the typical christmas Shlock, i went for something that sounded wintery to me. I also wanted to experiment with vocal samples, so i picked one that, in context, acctually fits the 'Christmas theme' quite well, if you think of stars as a symbol of hope. The overall result is something that almost sounds like a Fatboy slim song, which wasn'ty acctually intended, but is a nice bonus. I also included a falsified 'Sampled 'n Chopped' piano riff, 'cus i have a facination with chopped loops.
I'd say more, but i'm at school at the moment, and need to be somewhere shortly, so i'm in a rush. ^^;

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Sorry it's a bit of a late reply!

I'm really happy you enjoyed it, Blonde Justice, especially considering your entry was one of MY personal favorites, too. XD The sample you're thinking of is Driftwell. It was cut down, then duplicated and reversed for the second bar of the 2-bar loop to produce the effect, if i remember clearly. And, yep, the bass does have some pitch bending in it. Both versions of the bassline do. And, yeah, there are two versions of the bass; they're the same pattern but feature different samples. The second one is only really used in the chorus sections. XD And thanks for the comments on the snares and the tomes. I do like me some punchy/meaty snares.
Thank you!
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Very funky and smooth. Pads are nice.
I like the drums a lot. The vocals fit perfectly. And the bassline is quite... deep...urban. Very smooth.


Jeez, i'm late at replying to this one, ain't i?
Thanks, RS! I do admit that whilst i still do like this track, i reckon i could probably remake it and have it sound slightly better. I do want to give it a remake at some point, too, maybe get some proper lyrics in it.
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