Dead Line

Started by J-MACHine, December 21, 2009, 03:47:26 PM

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A Track that i did for a laugh, more then anything. It's a "wolud be" peice of BGM for a little series of mine called "Fielding Investigation Unit: Murder Outbreak", which is a mix between a cheesy Detective Series, a Paranormal Investigation series, and some psychological Horror thrown in for good measure.

The last of the F.I.U tracks for now, this is the peice of music that'd play at bog standard crime scene investigations if F.I.U where an animated series. Moreso as one or more of the characters discovers vital evidence and starts piecing everything together.
Even though i did tag this as Hip Hop, it is more downtempo, in retrospect. And i am extremely proud of how it came out, even with it's simplicity. I reckon that's probebly the catchiest bassline i've ever done. And i love the effect applied to the "sample hold" loop acctually makes it fit in with the timing of the beat perfectly.

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