A big disappointment - what's your view?

Started by KalsolarUK, November 09, 2007, 09:28:30 PM

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I bought this quite cheaply a few months ago and could'nt make head nor tail of it. It had greatly limited scope as you had to base your tunes around the 10 artists on the disk.

Snazzy to look at but scant when it came to substance - it had just one redeeming feature in my view - and that was the riff editor. It was the only thing that impressed me as that would have been really useful on early versions. I've loaded it up twice so far...but its clearly a DJ's plaything above anything else so I doubt I'll be loading it up again.


Yesterday I checked amazon.ca and saw MTV Music Generator 2, 3 and Digital Hitz Factory. I bought MTV Music Generator 2 and I plan to buy Digital Hitz Factory too when I find a cheaper one (its the american version of Music 3000) but I can assure you I will never buy the 3rd MTV Music Generator. I am more  a creative music maker not a DJ.

Here you can read some reviews about Music 2000

Now compare with MTV Music Generator 3

There are many more reviews out there, but most for MTV MG 3 are negative and everyone says to buy the first one instead. If I ever get it it will really be if I want to try remixing or to complete my collection but else it's not worth it if you are a producer. The only reason why there is a MTVMG3 section here is because we cover all Music programs by codemasters/jester but I considered often putting this section in the Other section


wow, a hell of a difference in those reviews..however I'm not suprised, like one of the reviews said.."if it aint broke, don't fix it"

To be fair, many people who have managed to get into MTV MG3 have made some good re-mixes and even achieved some quite original results - but on the whole, this is not the release that most users of the previous incarnations were hoping for or expecting.


mtv music generator 3 is not good at all. if you like to make your own tunes from scratch this is not the programme for you. i love using mtvmg2 as you can construct your own tracks from scratch which makes the music your own. mtvmg3 is just a load of pre made riffs (that you cannot change) that you paste into a channel and press play. there isnt much creative input at all. i bought this thinking it would be mtvmg2 but better with more samples to play with and better sound quality. but after 1 hour of using mtvmg3 i was very dissapointed and bored. i took it straight back to the shop and carried on using mtvmg2.


Any of the previous versions are better than MTV MG3


Just got MTV 3 a couple of weeks ago and, as others have stated, there doesn't seem to be any scope for creativity :( The riff editor doesn't allow you to import any of the samples from the library so basically you can't create any new stuff on it - it seems to be just about rehashing pre-made tunes without the ability to change/create the riffs.

Also bought Music 3000 (again) - I'd had this before with the USB mic and sampler add-ons but couldn't get my head round using it. I thought I'd give it another crack but as soon as I it fired up, I remembered that the controls are cRaZy (L3/R3 action buttons?? Mouse-style pointer with no quick-jump....aargh!!) and the interface is just way too confusing for me (too many hidden modules scattered around and so many different icons and "donut" menu-options. I have the same problem with frootyloops (its components are all over the place).

By far, my favourite is "Music" - the first incarnation on the PSX which had an awesome riff editor and effects manager. The only downside to it is it's relatively small sample library and inability to add new samples. I managed to get MTV working on my PSP and while the sample library was bigger than on "Music" with some more interesting sounds, I found the slight change of interface and controls too frustrating to get on with; some of the more popular functions and buttons had been swapped out and/or removed. Shame I can't find a way to hack/modify the original Jester "Music" disc to put my own sample library on DVD :(
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I did a review on MTV MG3 last year(before the site crash) talking about what this version of Music Generator was all about, Remixing. But still, I can easily see how people who were familiar with the setup of the earlier ones in the series were dissappointed with this version seeing as the options to actually create a fully original track is limited. While you have the option to create original Drumbeats through the Beatbox, and Melodies through the melody maker, you are only limited to making 20 riffs of each. The Waves editor is what you use to import the samples from the library and modify them using various effects, which allows you to be a little more creative with the samples as you optimize them to your liking. But for the most part, the editors that you use to create your own beats and melodies are there to help accompany you as you put your on spin on a track or create a mix, like tools a DJ would use.

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