MTV Music Generator 3: These are the Tutorials

Started by DJ Ryznup, February 09, 2010, 06:46:15 PM

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DJ Ryznup

MTV Music Generator 3: This is the Remix These are the Tutorials

This is a tutorial series that I did of the tutorials in "MTV Music Generator 3: This is the Remix". I decided to make the series after getting a few questions from people on my videos who wanted to know a little more about it. And also to show how easy and fun it is to put together a track in Music Generator 3. I have both the PS2 version and the XBOX versions, but decided to use the tutorial off the XBOX version because its the one that I use the most. And aside from the slight differences in the Ripper(which is better on XBOX due to the ability to store soundtracks on the hardrive) and the buttons, both versions are identical.

I created a Tutorial menu to make it easy to access any part of the series that your curious about without having to search through a bunch of videos to find the one that you want. I also added an automated voice to go along with the tutorials.

Here are the individual links for each Tutorial Video:

Part 1: Overview

Part 2: Remixer

Part 3: Studio A

Part 4: Studio B (advanced)

Part 5: SampleBase

Part 6: Master

Part 7: Channel

Part 8: Dynamic  

Part 9: BeatBox 

Part 10: Melody

Part 11: Waves 

Part 12: Ripper

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."

DJ Ryznup

"Limits may hinder us, but they also bring out our creativity."