Have you met my imaginary friend UboaaaaAAAAAAあああああ?

Started by J-MACHine, April 16, 2010, 11:58:28 AM

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It's short, sweet, not massivly technical. nor does it push the boundries; this was more or less a test to see just how well writing a number of samples onto a rewriteable CD would work, as M2K can be a bit quirky with rewritables, and i've had problems with them in the past. Thankfully, i lucked out, and it worked like a charm.

The song is acctually a slightly twisted remix of a song used in the freeware indie game, Yume Nikki (meaning Drwam Diary), which can be found in the youtube link below. It acctually samples the original track, mixing in a number of SFX and Vocals, including some found within M2K's library, and some i collected from the web, set to a slow beat. This track is acctually intended to be part of an ongoing project wherein i plan to remix a number of tracks from the game into an album, purely because i absolutely adore the game, from it's open-ended nature and it's bizzare characters to it's music which, whilst all generally being very short loops (and some being simply one droning note), which is a little dissapointing, never the less manages to fit the games atmosphere to a T, and can be either haunting and beautiful, or downright suspenceful.

I should note that the track also incorperates snippets of a little melody that can acctually be played by the lead character on one of the games items- or "effects"- a flute. You can hear some of the little snippets of melody that you can play on the flute at the end of the second video, which also provides a couple of short examples of some of the music the game has to offer including one of my favorite BGM's in the game; the music that plays in the room in which you get the flute. Oh, sure, it's a 8-Bit chiptune sounding track, but it is never the less one of the most memorable songs in the game. And another song i plan to ReMix sometime in the future.

In any case, you've heard enough of me waffling and gushing about a game i love that i get the feeling nobody else really will; Enjoy!

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Cool...will check this out tonight when I get back home from work!
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