Dawn of a New Age

Started by J-MACHine, May 01, 2010, 06:09:46 PM

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A track for a project of mine. I'll spare you the details, 'cus i don't really think anyone's all that interested.

I was trying to go for something that sounded bittersweet, that had an air of everything being all over, yet at the same time remaining hopeful about things yet to come. If i can be all 'deep' with you for a sec, that is.

And, no, i DON'T have a problem with people using the library riffs, if they're put to good use. I occasionally use snippets of beats from M2K's library's and fuck about the samples, mixing them in with my own beats, and sometimes i just take a beat from the library and do minimal editing to it, like i did here. There's nothing wrong with it if it's put to good use.
Besides, "S L O W Beat" is fuckin' sweet. *shot*

I plan to add lyrics to this, and have it sung by a mate of mine, and myself. Maybe. We'll see how things go.
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hi j,
this is very nice man,i enjoyed it a lot


That IS a very nice loopydrum.
The high pitched melody is really nice and the deep bass(?) is really awesome.

This makes me feel like I am playing Final Fantasy VIII! It is very rich, symphonic and visual.

Because of my Synaesthesia I am instantly experiencing blends of rich bright green and purple!
And I think this the first MUSIC series tune I've heard in which the featured guitar actually works and sounds good. Normally I think the guitar samples included just dont' fit at all. But you made it work.


Hahaha, i'm happy you like the intro pads! Espeically seeing as they carry on throughout.
Yeah, thats mean't to be a bass, the deep riff. Happy you liked it, too! And the high pitched melody!

You've got Synaesthesia? Wow! XD I wasn't expecting my music to give you rich greens and purples though, i admit.
Yeah, if i try to work in guitars, i forgo trying to use the single note samples (as i personally think they don't sound all that good), and instead manipulate the riffs and loops, playing them at different octaves and starting them at different points, to make my own tune out of them, and match them up correctly with the beat. Sometimes there's one or two slip ups, but it tends to work out well.

I'm happy you liked the track!
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I like what you do with the guitar. It works, and if by slip ups you mean where it sometimes is not in perfect sync with the beat - I would not class that as a slip up - it comes off sounding good!


XD If you say so. I pointed it out as one because i'm a perfectionist like that.
Be sure to check out my other work too!
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I am keeping this in my iTunes, so for labelling purposes, could you please tell me what "Beyond Human" is?


It's just a little pet project of mine, is all. A little Platformer idea i've had for a while. That's all i really can say about it.
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Ah ok :) just needed to know so I knew what it was I was using in the label for the song. :) Thanks