[CHILLOUT] A Rotten Case of Unlife -EARLY DEMO-

Started by J-MACHine, June 27, 2010, 02:38:26 PM

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A early demo track for the album i'm currently working on, 'Braindance'. Be warned, the recording volume was waaaaay off on most of these demos, so there's a touch of distortion where there shouldn't be any. I'm not sure how it happened, but i have since fixed the problem.

Not content with a Gorillaz cover alone, i decided the album really needed a track influenced by the STYLE of Gorillaz. It sounds sort of like a mix of "Rhinestone Eyes" and "Kids with Guns" stylistically. Maybe a touch of "Clint Eastwood", but only a smidge.
This is one of the few tracks on the album where i've not only got an idea of what i want the lyrics to be about, but i actually have something written down, too. Essentially, the thing is supposed to use Zombies as a metaphor for people going about their daily, boring lives, working their unbearable 9-to-5-ers, never stopping to say hi, and never acomplishing their dreams, content to waste their lives away drearilly. I know, i'm so fucking DEEP that you can practically dive into me. :b

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Certainly achieves what you were trying to achieve.
I actually get a sense of you wanting to say "oh fucking SHUT UP" to these people :P

Again nice guitars......wah wah wah wah :)


Not so much "oh fucking SHUT UP" as "oh fucking DO SOMETHING with your life! Take 5 minutes to say hi to someone, even a complete stranger, if you must!" XD But the former does sort of tie in with what i want to get across; Why settle for 'better then nothing' if it's possible for you to achive the best you can, you know?
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I know exactly what you mean. Yeah completely!

I find it so cold these days when looking at someone these days is more reason for them to frown at you or attack you than smile and say hi.


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I love the beat at thie start of this track, very minimalist but also very effective.

There`s a superb atmosphere you`ve created here and I can definitely hear the "zombies" metaphor in the music. The part when the breaks kick in is amazing, awsome stuff man.
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Well, i can chalk "Having DarkBliss comment on one of my little tunes" up to being one of the things i never thought would happen, yet they did anyway. XD

I'm really happy you like the track, man! Especially seeing as you practically mastered the art of Chillout and Downtempo, hahaha! XD It's just a pity i don't have any of your stuff anymore.
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I liked when the drums crashed in for the first time. Kinda made it epic like. Then the guitars come in and steal the show. Impressive.
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Heh, thanks! I'm hoping that the final result proves to be just as enjoyable!
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