Started by J-MACHine, June 27, 2010, 02:41:01 PM

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A early demo track for the album i'm currently working on, 'Braindance'. Be warned, the recording volume was waaaaay off on most of these demos, so there's a touch of distortion where there shouldn't be any. I'm not sure how it happened, but i have since fixed the problem.

A re-hash of a much older, more rock-oriented song, with the guitars removed and more focus put on the repeating synthy riff. Nothing much. It's still an early concept.

Fabulous Pony Eurotrance™


GOD! Already loving the vinyl scratchy drums!!! With the subtle reverb, and that intro string/pad is lovely, smooth and dreamy. The violin is a nice inclusion too.

With my Synaesthesia, I am getting some a lovely image. Hard to explain, but a warm, pretty and enchanting...place. That is all I can say - it is difficult to explain what I see. There is a very nice blend of greens and pinks though - and this means in my mind, this song is very well put together with everything blending together well, with nothing sticking out in a nasty contrast. So enchanting and magical.

The bassline is very well produced too. At just the right level - not so loud that it takes all your attention, but it has just the right effect of being noticeable, smooth and phatt.

Very, very nice.

Please finish this one.

DJ Eddy

Yea very cool scratchy vibe, sounds really good.
Oh im loving this already..Awesome bassline.
Man i just love the beats u pop out.
Amazing violin, great melody.
Id love to hear this finished m8.


... <<;; If i'd have known that this song would've gone down this well, i wouldn't have stopped work on it. I'm sorry, guys, but this is one of the tracks from the demo's i had to abandon; i was seriously running out of file space, so i had to decide which songs i could live without, and this one stuck out as one of those songs.
HOWEVER, knowing that this has struck a chord (sorry for the pun) with you lovely folks, i will see if i can remake it, maybe sample the intro (i do admit, i did like the scratchy drums effect).
Fabulous Pony Eurotrance™