Another Direction (FL Studio 9) - No VST plug-ins

Started by Michael, October 01, 2010, 03:02:51 AM

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Hello again.

I've now completed this little trance track I've been working on over the course of 1 week :) .. I changed the name to "Another Direction" .

I feel as though I am improving gradually :) and feel proud to achieve something like this because it is my most advanced track so far.

Recommended for headphones to get the benefit of the bassline and panning sounds. d(^.^)b.


Great rythym. Claps and rising snares are on point. definitely need to add more gain to the volume. but my head phones were rocking anyway. Good shit!!!
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Pure class. Very pro.... Hypnotizing rhythm. Clean kick/percussion. Really enjoyed the panning and how you filtered the melody. 2:50 transition - String = Amazing. This entire section 3:10 beyond is awesome I can really relate to this. Transition at 3:42 damn.... really REALLY like that synth. I too would be very proud of this production.  :)
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I really don't know much about dance in general , but I'll give a review as best as I can.

Like the sound on drums , the bass could be louder ( though you probs know that yourself ) , the main melody is very nicely done.
Like the transition @ 1:54 to 2:12 to the strings...great melody there mate. The build up synth at 3:42 is extremely well done man.
Nice work.