Have a Break [Slowjammer, Trip Hop] -Demo-

Started by J-MACHine, December 28, 2010, 06:16:03 AM

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Still a W.I.P, but i've got the main elements of the track down. I just need to extend it a bit, and put a bit more meat on it's bones with some more riffs and melody. I was going for a chillout vibe similar to a mixture between Akira Yamaoka's 'Silent Hill' works, or Masafumi Takada's 'Killer7' stuff, with a little phase-1-Gorillaz flavor on top.
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Nice drums. I like the moody atmospheric pad behind the chords at the start...really reminiscent of trip hop.
What made me smile was that this was immediately followed, on my iTunes, by DJ Shadow's "What Does Your Soul Look Like? - part 1, blue sky revisit" - a nice mix that I can imagine would be even better with the finalised version of your tune.


Hahaha, ta verymuch, RS! Hopefully i'll get back to finishing this beast in the near future.
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Nice start so far...some interesting chord choices at the beginning...almost clashing, but not. Love the beat when it kicks in! It does distort a bit, which might be intentional, might not...that said, I suggest cleaning it up a bit. That said, good start so far...I wanna hear it finished!
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