Not a Number: The Unlucky Ones Are Those Who Escape [Dark Ambient / Trip-Hop]

Started by Not a Number, April 18, 2011, 03:41:24 PM

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Not a Number

Time I started on making original tracks again after all those cover/remixes.

Song name: The Unlucky Ones Are Those Who Escape
File type: YouTube -> mp3
Length: 4:36
Software used: Music 2000 (PS1)
After hearing Renard's "", I was immediately inspired to do something similar.

This track is sort of (Dark) Ambient, with a blend of Trip-hop. With my own progressive twist, of course. ;D
It's not entirely in 4/4 (I'll leave it for you to figure the numbers out), but it was definitely a challenge to work within Music 2000's 4/4-constraint.


mp3 download in video description.

WIP 02

WIP 01

DJ Eddy

preety bad-ass the dark eery intro and that beat is very original...
nice work...Id love to hear a bit more of this style.

DJ Eddy

yo i just been checking some of ur music out on Soundcloud and its all amazing stuff...
Love the Sonic and Knuckles theme boss music....Is there anyway i get that for Mp3 m8 plz?

Not a Number

My SoundCloud account is more for demos, WIPs, and ideas - A "musical sketchbook" if you will :P. I'm not one for putting unfinished/unmixed stuff up for download, which is why I don't often enable downloads on them.
I can send you the mp3 for the Sonic dubstep remix (which I already created a thread on if you want, but I haven't really done any proper mixing on it, so it doesn't sound as refined as I want it to - chances are I won't be expanding on it either, since I've found that dubstep is a pretty hard genre to get right. (But, I'm still figuring it out - I've already started incorporating it into another track)


dark...dark...and oh so sick. just how i like it.  fuckin love it

Not a Number

Not a Number

Check original post for YouTube video, and video description for mp3 download link.