Unnatural [HYPNOSTEP]

Started by J-MACHine, May 10, 2011, 05:28:19 PM

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This one's something of a black sheep even in regards to the range of genre's I work with. It's something I did for a project of mine that's stylistically weird and a bit out-there, so I guess the result I wound up with is actually pretty apropriete. It's heavily dubstep inspired- but it isn't really true "dubstep". There's no true bass drop, and whilst the beat changes samples throughout, the structure between each loop is... not exactly the same, but it never deviates from the same basic rhythm. The whole thing comes off more as a chilled downtempo track with some crushing basslines, that, thankfully, if not true dubstep material, still shake the ribcage when the subwoofer is turned on. And a guitar loop for good measure.
Just popping this up along with the music dump in the Albums section as a little 'I'm not dead guys really' notice.
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damn u came back with a VENGEANCE!!!!  this has to be some of your best work yet!!  hella sick shit bro

Fear 2 Stop®

Holy BALLS this is tight. It sounds really epic and when the bass part comes in it makes me think of the Cloverfield monster skulking around. This sounds like moon-hop to me :D
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Hahaha, thanks, you two! Glad you both like it!
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I LOVE the sound you got on the bass...its just deadly...distorted and meaty as hell.
Such a groove to it , you could break your neck bopping to this one.


Fucking hell J you are one spectacular producer.

I am glad this is not dubstep, because I dislike that stuff. To me it is shit.

This however is just beautiful. Your style of chords start it off, very much the J-MACHine sound. I am completely in love with that kick and snare - wonderful production/effects there. Solid, rhythmic and smooth! With my Synaesthesia in this tune I get more defined landscape images than I normally do. Moody city-ish.

Good dynamic changes with varying the drum samples. The rhythm and gritty solidness gives it a nice urban/hip hop feel. Nicely contrasted by the guitars. Indeed, that very contrast really adds a new conflicting but intriguing dimension to the tune.


Knowlesy: I'm not suseptible to any claims of neck breakage due to head bopin' cause by this track, ok man? Hahaha, glad you liked it, my friend!

RS: And once again, RS, you manage to leave me totally speechless. The fact that it produced a clear image in your head alone is compliment enough. And I'm not the biggest fan of dubstep, but I think it's a genre that has a LOT of potential in the right hands- I don't claim to BE one of those right hanbds, mind- produced just need to figure out that what the warbles and wubs need is a tune and a structure. An all over the place piece of madness may work for an ambient tune, but for a tack that by design is supposed to get you moving and shaking, it just becomes annoying. I'd say check out the 'A Bullet For Your Thoughts?' demo to give you an idea of something I've dones that's closeer to contemporary dubstep, but still has flavorings of the 'Hypnostep' style I've started crafting with this tune.
Thanks a ton, man! You always know what to say!
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