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Started by DJ_Omnimaga, June 20, 2011, 07:36:06 PM

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Hi, as some of you might have read in one of my recent post, I planned to downgrade this forum from SMF 2.0 series to SMF 1.1.14 and there are some small possibilities that eventually both Omnimaga and TIMGUL websites will share the same member accounts.

However, current versions of the Bookmark MOD no longer appear to work properly under SMF 1.1.14. Upon installing, a blank page appears. Unfortunately, I do not like SMF 2.0 admin panel. The navigation is very confusing (eg: often I'll click the forum link there, expecting to go back to the forums, only to be redirected to an admin option), making custom themes for SMF 2.0 is a freaking nightmare and it's not like it has many more features than SMF 1.1.x had.

So I was wondering if anyone would mind losing their bookmarked topics at in the near future? Because after we downgrade, this feature would be removed completely (although a copy of this version of TIMGUL, in read-only mode, would remain available for a while so people can back up their bookmarks)

Another thing is that after the move, you will be logged out once so you'll need to login again.

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LOL...I didn't even notice that feature to begin with!
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