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What do ya think?

Sacred Virgo


DAMN!!! that is toooooo wicked!!!


This looks friggin awesome. I think if we use it it would be better if it was smaller, though, for those who uses smaller computer resolutions. 480 pixels height should be the maximum, IMHO.


480x480 - DONE!


Hmm unfortunately I tried it at the top and it doesn't look good on this theme. :( It just stretches the page considerably with the welcome username text shown completely below.

I think I will try to find an alternate theme where I could fit this logo in. This theme was built for banners/logos that are like 48 pixels high in size. As an example, even my own banner from 2007 didn't look good on it. (It didn't look super great on the other theme either, since it was made for when we used IPB back in 2007, although back then it did not have the strip of mtvmg cd pics at the bottom like in my signature)


I guess maybe there could be a slim version of your banner, although I freaking love that Jester Music  logo you got here, it's really awesome, so if the banner was like 600x100 I would still love that that part gets preserved. One idea I got is maybe have the text in the center with one of those Jester Music 1 logo on each side?


completely new one - 600x100

DJ Eddy

fecking wicked pics RS...I already got the first one as my desktop pic.
The green one looks amazing aswell.
Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun lol

.:DJ Droppin:.

Fantastic logos, Rikki!  I think I shall add one to the main page.
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How about this:


So what do people think of this new one


Wow I like it, and glad it still has the music creation guy spinning a disc.

I think it would fit even better here now that we got that green background thing (although it would fit even better if we went with SMF 1.1.14 lol)