Norstar (90's style house, I think) First track I ever made!

Started by Coordman, June 25, 2011, 12:28:47 AM

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So, I'm kinda noodling around with something pretty epic at the moment, but it's giving me a hard time, so I thought I'd dig into the archives and bring out something old. Well, it doesn't get any older than this for me. This is the first track I ever worked on in MG1. Some of you will recognize that the main riff is one that existed in MG's prebuilts, which is why I can't take full credit for it. Still, it's interesting to look back and see how far I've come, creatively. I kinda enjoy the old-school Robert Miles vibe this track has going, too.  ;D
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this track is NICE!!! especially for it to be ur very first track (my first track lol).  luv the ambient sfx, and very nice use of that premade riff. 

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Ahhh yep hey I was right there during my first 5-6 tracks back in 2000-2001. I used this synth in an OLD song too. Nice cymbal/sample at 1:00. Hey you had panning figured out! Nice beat 1:18 with minimal synth. You've got the rhythm going. A little almost eerie or dark at 2:00 with the SFX high/low string too. Breakdown section 3:51 - 4:00 is nice. The cymbal crash to and transition back to the synth at 4:22 I liked. You did real well for your first track. You understood panning, fading strings/volume, and pretty good song structure.
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First off I was about to remark on how slow my net was...then realised how large the song was an was like oh...wowser.
I really like the creative spin you've put on using the premade synth , just a lil touch of pad really can change up things.
Can definately see what you mean by old school Robert has that sort of structure and pace to it.
If this was my first I'd have definately been proud of this , my tracks in the beginning were'nt music...just noise lol.


Unfortunately, because of an incident I had while backing up to a PS2 memory card, I somehow managed to delete the only hard copy I had of this tune. So this (kind of low quality) recording is the only one I have left.

Ah well. Memories... :)

Thanks for the compliments, gents.
Never sweat the petty things and never pet the sweaty things. -George Carlin