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Started by Rmn, July 01, 2011, 10:37:47 AM

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Hi everybody ! (my first post here)

Some times ago i found in my old stuffs, the original CD of Music 2000 for computer.
I'm today 20, so i played with it when i was young, and the sound of M2k remind me the perfect mood of my childhood.

Today i'm mixing with REAPER (Cockos) and i'd like to use the samples of M2k into it.

Dunno if it's legit but, something sure, i do music as a hobbie, no commercial.

I tried to extract cabs files from the CD, but no results.

A similar thread had been posted 1 year ago :

Do someone ever ear about a samples pack ?



Hi, I'm not sure how the samples are actually stored on the CD, so it may not be possible to take them off without actually sampling the sounds...
On the legal side, I think you're probably okay - see this topic:


I've never heard of a samples pack either, I'm afraid.
Good luck!
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture



Pretty much as Arcane said mate.

I remember there being a quite alot of ppl asking the same question but I don't know if they were succesful.


The other day i tried to record my own claps and snaps with the zoom H4n, but didn't reached the job i wanted.
I was amazed of snaps on 0:30' so i wanted to have similar result ->

By exploring samples in m2k, i discovered something very similar : http://rmndmz.free.fr/snap_1.html
Here is the result within giving some variations, a gate, compressor and reverb : http://rmndmz.free.fr/snap_2.html

I guess the creator of m2k used moog/korg/yamaha instruments, to create basses/synths samples.
Drums sets would be coded in a 8 bits way or equivalent (i'm not specialist, but i imagine a snare to be white noise + ADSR)

Here in LBA' Theme :
m2k sample : http://rmndmz.free.fr/snare.html

Well, i'd like to use some m2k samples, pick up here and there.
But the best, would be to know how to make them as the way of the creator ?
Wich tools do use sound designers today ? And in an oldschool way, like in demoscene ?


You can save all the samples as ".wav" files in the same way you would save them as ".m2k" files