So many tunes, which do I choose?

Started by 147 crew, June 15, 2008, 11:10:23 PM

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147 crew

It's so good the genres have been split so we can instantly pick our Musical Mood, beens as the drum'n'bass section is mainly full of my stuff here is a my top playlist on youtube of what I think to be my best tunes

I am also gathering MUSIC videos to add to my Created MUSIC playlist with the associated programmes, check it out. Will add a lot more as I listen  :D

Please post ideas what you think to be yr best stuff or vid suggestions to add to the playlist  :D


Saw a few of mine in there 147, but they're the old copies. You might want to update it with the new ones as they're now unavailable (shuttle orbit, landing alt, the e.c.g)

147 crew

I know has a few need updating, I will sort it. Loads to add, nice to have a funky playlist.


Thanks for including my stuff 147 I appreciate it, even though they're my early works. Have you an idea when the Metal Skeleton song will materialise? I'll keep harassing!! (just kidding) :P

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147 crew

Thanks for the link will check asap, JCW, made a kinda Metal skeleton tune. Will listen to it back for volume, may have to look back through the Timgul Instruments and change a couple. Definitely my style, more of a rescue scene that dark death. We'll see? Need to get me sample too. MetalVSNasty.


Amazing, a light metal skeleton tune at last? :)

147 crew

Yeah its sounding like a bit of a mess at the moment  :D

10m45 of noise. Will hopefully sort it out, got some good samples. Lots of fun though, isn't stonecold doin' a mix too?

Hopefully mine should be done in a week.

small sample of 1 bass line is here

BeatDownVStheNasty sample. Might work, quite evil. Need to think of the title aswell  ???

147 crew

Techno/Trance- STARWOOSH (Pillage my Village) click views 3rd in list.

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i never did thank u 147 for list my tune disco light(alternate)ty m8:)  ty also for including my video for non existant in your youtube playlist                     casper
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Yeah StoneCold is doing a mix, he's nearly done with his.

A title, you said a rescue scene? Is it a protection theme? (ie good terminator)

Maybe something like "Protector Series"

147 crew

Hey fellow members, it's been over a year since I last visited the site. As the topic title suggests, stick down some tunes for me to listen to. Not just your own but others aswell. I like all styles so go for it. Check out the ones listed so far & take a peek at the YT playlist. Quite a nice selection.

Cheers. 147 crew  :D


Yes there are many tunes to choose now, its your choice what type of music you feel.  Feel free to choose one.

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I suggest you look at the albulm section! Not that im trying to get you to check out the TIMGUL reports or nothing like that... lol. I actually think Xtactica is better! And the Use Car Mixtape is off the wall!
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I think it's an awesome guys should  try it.