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Started by JCW, December 12, 2008, 10:28:07 AM

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Damn, well okay thanks anyway. My old host kinda bailed on me and everyone else on his server and hasn't replied to us since. I'll keep looking around I guess.


If anybody would like to remix any of my songs then please feel free to do as you wish with them...great idea.
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hey btw i'm a really nice person and i got no probs with any remixes or covers of any of my tracks(providing i'm credited as song author) i plan on trying again to do some remixes on magix mm 10 when i can clear my head and get in a more creative mode.atm i'm really just djing a lot in chatrooms for ppl not as kind as yall,but i'm learning about how the electronica scene works,and it's ugly i tell u lol peace casper
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Lol Casper, I know a few chatroom DJ's and it isn't easy at the best of times. Good luck with that and hope to hear some clear headed work soon. Peace.


There is a TIMGUL IRC channel, but when someone shows up he never bothers to stay longer than 10 minutes so it's pretty much useless, considering on an IRC channel you must stay connected 24/7 to not miss activity and to be able to reply to other people response and it is made even worse being in different timezones and I am generally on at different times every day and the rest of the time I am idle and can take hours to respond :(

As for Ejay, didn't the newest version used MTVMG samples? (since CoLd StOrAgE joined developpement after leaving Jester) I know it's pretty limited tho when it comes to effects


I think so, my friend was saying how the samples are similar but again I'll have to check it out when I get a free moment to really experiment.

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*All* of the stuff on the Fear 2 Stop website are open for remix.
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