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Started by @Djyani, December 06, 2007, 08:38:28 PM

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Hi all music creators!

I live in Finland and im a long time music creatr / composer, found this forum by accidentally, good that way.

so...I have used Jesters Music software since the Muic creation came out for ps1,

i own Music 2000(ps1) ,Music 3000 (ps2) and MTV Music generator2 (ps2)

I personally like most the Music 2000 and MTV MGtor2 is good too, i havent really learn the Music 3000 but made some music wittit, lately i been using Fruity Loops PC, but sometimes when i feel that ideas are not coming, i try to make some noise with music 2000 usually it helps :)

So many of my songs are recorded in tapes or cd's but i have whew in my memory cards and im trying to think some way to post my work in the net.

My main genre is dance , i have made couple of metal songs but i used the real guitar in those , the final resut has been really good.

But check my reverbnation site out if you like,  theres couple of songs made by music 2000 `sensation' and 'night is ours
, other are made by Fruity loops.

Feel free to ask away if something cames across !





Cool I will listen to the asap! Welcome here btw :)

Feel free to post your music 2k/3k/mtvmg songs links in the music you created section if you want to :)

As for getting songs on the PC you need some cables to connect your TV or PS1/2 to your PC microphone port and record sound using audacity software. Or if you are on Music or Music 2000 you can use a Playstation emulator on the PC and record the sound using audacity directly from your PC, it will be professional sound quality :)

EDIT: wow it's hard to tell the sensation and night is ours songs are made using music 2000 O.o, this is very professional, only way to hear the difference is the mono samples and the synth/pad in Night is out going louder suddently sometimes, caused by the starting volume of the next riff being higher than the currently playing one. I love them it reminds me eurodance :)  


Well thanks !

BTW I said wrong !! they are made using MTV Music Generator 2, im really sorry abut that!!!

Im planning to do some remastering for those songs , the volume jumping is hard to cut out sometimes when having many instruments playing.

well have to say that i been spend much of time with music software.

thanks for the info!


AAh I see, MTVMG2. I have both MTVMG1 and 2 actually (altough MTVMG1 is basically the same thing than Music 2000, but with no language option at startup). As for volume jumping the trick is this: http://mtv-music-generator.com/index.php?showtopic=8

(see part about Riff volume bug)