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Started by DJ Omnimaga, October 29, 2007, 08:33:20 AM

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Welcome to Timgul, The International Music Generator Users Lounge. The website will provide help and support for MTV Music Generator and MUSIC softwares by Jester Interactive and Codemasters. There isn't anything on the website at the moment, but you are free to discuss or upload your songs anyway.

More tutorials, more songs and more discussion will eventually make this forum more active. Aside from the official website forums, Timgul is currently the only MTV Music Generator and MUSIC exclusive board avaliable on the web.

To post on the forums or upload new songs, you need to be logged in, so you will need to register an account and validate it in the appropriate topic that you will be linked to after signing up. This is to prevent spambot attacks.

I hope you enjoy your stay.