Timgul Rave Mix - Volume 4!

Started by DJ Omnimaga, June 14, 2008, 05:14:04 AM

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One and half a week after the release of Timgul Rave Mix Volume 3, Volume 4 is out! As with the other mixes, this one is for everyone who enjoy dance music ranging from club to rave tunes, going through house, trance, techno, UK hardcore and drum and bass. All songs were made by members of the forums, using Codemaster's and Jester's Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator), MTV Music Generator 2 and Music 3000. Here is the track listing below:

DJ Omnimaga Timgul Rave Mix - Volume 4
01 - KalsolarUK - Manic Sferrazza - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
02 - DJ Omnimaga - Neo (Trance Remix) - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
03 - DJane JaYDeEe - Ne Zha Nao Hai - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
04 - DJane JaYDeEe - Im looking for the Spring - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
05 - Audioghost - Venus Invader - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
06 - Audioghost - Burn It Up - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
07 - Spacekid - Coming Home (Barny Galaxy Version) - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
08 - Spacekid - Coming Home (Pillage My Village Remix) - MTV Music Generator 2
09 - Pillage My Village - Melody Hardsynth Choral - MTV Music Generator 2
10 - Pillage My Village - Thinkin' About Hardcore - MTV Music Generator 2
11 - DJ Omnimaga - It's The End Of Time - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
12 - DJ Omnimaga - Timgul - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
13 - 147 Crew - SizzlerLP - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
14 - 147 Crew - Light vs Dark - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
15 - 147 Crew - Rising spirits - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
16 - 147 Crew - The 5th (Original Mix) - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
17 - John Fluo - Julhon - Music 3000 (Funkmaster Flex's Digital Hitz Factory)
18 - DJ Omnimaga - Through The Infinity - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
19 - DJ Omnimaga - Epic Journey Through The Galaxy 2008 - Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator)
Total lenght: 1:14:22


I would like to thank and congrat all those people for their work on those tracks and to everyone for contributing to the Music community and this forum!

Casper AudioGhost

omg!!! this mix is great!!it really shows off the talent and hard work of many great artist and it sounds ecstatic!!thanks for including me and mega props to all my peeps.thanx DJ Omnimaga  :D
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147 crew

Wow, what a playlist! Sounding good is "Neo" a new one of yours?

Not a Number

Downloading now.

It's a shame I didn't get finished in time for it; oh well, there's always Mix 5 :)

147 crew


Really nice variety of Music, loved from start to finish..thanks to all  :D


my god another mix! youre really spoiling us now omni!
well this is prob my fav mix so far... sounds like its been ripped straight from a dj set...
superb melodies at the start... then ripping it up towards the end... every mix is spot on!
massive thanks to you omni... the perfect way to spend sat afternoon...  :D


Thanks guys. I tried to get this one up as soon as possible. I didn't rushed it because it even took me longer to make it than Mix 3. The reason why I released another mix so soon after releasing mix 3 was because Mix 3 didn't had any hardcore or drum and bass, due to the high amount of eurodance and trance stuff uploaded since March. Hence why mix 4 has so much hardcore and drum and bass tracks. BPM also increases at insane rate starting at 20 minutes into the mix. It goes from 130 BPM to 170 BPM in about the next 20 minutes. I am surprised it gave good results. Sometimes increasing BPM that fast gives crappy results.

I also wanted to create a surprise by sticking a track I didn't posted yet on the forums at the end of the mix