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Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / Music2000 track
October 23, 2009, 08:50:17 AM
Hello music creators!  8)

This is a song i've made a long time ago with KeithSonic (Smates)

right mouse click > save target as (downloading will start in background and will open suddenly in a minute... be patient, the link works)

This song is made with Music2000 for the PSX. For the rithm we used a sample of the Chemical Brothers :P. we slowed down that rithm.

I hope u will enjoy :)

Greets from CreatorMusic :)
Introductions / Hello, let me intrudoduce myself :)
September 11, 2009, 06:08:42 PM
Hi, my nickname is creatormusic. I am new here. I've created looots of music2000 and music (before music2000) tracks on my ps1. Now I am using reason and cubase. I almost never used riffs on music2000. I created them myself :P. A friend of my called "smates" uploaded some songs of my on this great site and i wanna say "thank you" to those who listened them and who commentarized them. I am very curiously what other music creators on this forum have created with music 2000... so i gonna explore some stuff here. Thank u for reading my introduction. If u like to discuss some stuff with me add me:

creatormusic :)