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Rap/Hip Hop / Knowlesy00 ~ Two Beats
July 02, 2011, 09:42:00 PM
The Muffin Man

First of lol , yeah the name. Its basically a skeleton demo where the idea is there. It was written around "Tartan Gangsta" period where Eddy n myself talked about maybe doing an colab E.P or album type thing. So this was written mainly with what Eddy may ( or may not ) do in mind. Basically , Eddy if you hear it , like it and want it I'll make it up for you. 


I'd say this is pretty mainstream...I'm no big rap fan , at least these days. But this one I listened back to get an idea of an name and straight from the intro I could imagine the " Jason Derulo " thing he half sings over ALL his tracks to let ppl know its him and then to chorus it was so...I could just hear someone singing in that weird auto-tune voice over maybe me...ZoDiaC might kill me...damn.

Weird how some days you can feel lost and be like " I can't write anything , nothings coming " and other weeks you just can't seem to stop yourself. I figure this is one of the good weeks.
In about 10 yrs of writing and about a yr or so of doing stuff with strings in some way , this is the first I have ever written
that has the " Long Horn " sample on...which I dunno why I haven't added before. But I can really appreciate the fuller sound I was striving to get with this one.
Anyhoo...enough yammering.

Wrote this one today. Had a couple of hrs to spare so I turned on Music. I'm really happy with the piano work in this I'd go as far as to say its my best piano stuff for a while. Though it has the sort of epic-ish Two Step from Hell sound of the stringss and distorted guitar , I wanted to give it a different vibe than the other " ready for battle/war! " which is all good I love that stuff an I'll probably continue to put that stuff up until I feel I'm repeating myself.
But with this one its , I feel more melodic than the other " Time to charge into battle " ones.
Think thats all to report. Weathers nice...clear sunny skies...think Andy Murray's still in Wimbledon...thank u for tuning into
Timgul news.

One of those experimental ones , no internet so super-dooper-uber-boredom with sprinkles on top.
I'd say its sort of Ambient - like...score-y...I don't really know...its kinda reggae. :)

Dead By Sundown

This track...if " Something Wicked Comes This Way " & " Desperado " had a child...this would probably be it.
Running from Zombies in a cowboy hat.


Its Hardcore Didgeridoo Dubstep.
Mostly came about with doing Manacles. Thought I'd have another go at a Movie Trailer-ish track with this usual hint of Knowlesy shit.

Probably the second track that I've used a sample outside of MUSIC on , First being From Lambs to Lions where I put in Russel Crowes line from Robin Hood.

Think thats all the news. Got a load of shit to do round the house so I'll be on laters to comment n reply.

Cheers n Ciao!
I realised I'm pretty much neglecting the straight up metal that I used to post up on the Rock/Metal/Pop section.
So with this one I wanted to try an integrate that straight up sound with where I am now. Its all with electric samples
and its kind of hard to pull of riffs as the sample that I use the most does'nt have that much sustain , but I am thinking about bringing out the acoustics again for a couple of tracks or so.

Battle of Asgard - I'd pretty much describe this as a mashup of Nightwish and Iron Maiden...basically symphonic/power metal.

A Drop In The Ocean - One of the boredom beats. Could'nt sleep and found myself passing time playing the guitar and this was the result.

Thats all folks. Ciao. 
Not gonna lie I thought about how I could come on an say " was taking a little break " but the truth was I tried n tried to write something last week but it was either crap or I was like "oh thats quite it could probably be improved" but I ended up scrapping alot of stuff.
Knowing that I was up against the dreaded writers block. I spent the weekend , as long as I could listening to music.
Last night I turned music back on and picked up the guitar and this is what came out.

The Evil That Men Do
Hello Zepp (Saw Theme) [Charlie Clouser]
The Catalyst (Demo) [Linkin Park]


Wrote " Manacles " whilst having my dinner. It struck me that though I describe some tracks as " Two Steps from Hell-like " I haven't tried my hand at writing Movie Trailer this is what it is...its there if you want a listen.

The EndThatNeverCame

Reworking Nova put the idea in my head to attempt some kind of acoustic guitar based track.
I think (for the moment) that it sounds good , but that can always change lol.
Named for you probably know - was to be end of the world  ::) , but if you have any
better ideas for a name feel free to mention one.


This is one I must have wrote a while back , going through the memory card to free up room.
Its sorta like the experimental style I done with "Echoes".

In The Wastelands - Can't remember when I wrote this one. I know it was a few nights ago but I kinda forgot about it.

Usual kinda - Two Steps from Hell / Metal...Epic-core ? ...noise ? lol

*Sighs* and

Supernova (Elevator Version) - Now I know what your thinking...I have flogged this horse to the point it should be dead !
And I do know that. But I heard it last night on my Windows Playlist for the first time in a while though while I still really love all the melodys all I kept thinking was..."its just so bass-y , I wish I added strings...I wish that was quiter or that was longer etc. " So I opened Nova and reworked everything , from the guitar samples , to the kick drum , to adding strings and a lil bit of piano and pads...this is THEE final product...what I wanted to hear when I wrote it but could never figure out the strings...and this is THEE last time I'm touching this fecking song ! lol

Rap/Hip Hop / Knowlesy00 ~ HIPoxia (Demo)
May 18, 2011, 11:51:40 PM
Kinda feels like listening to this at the moment that this is a kinda homage to ZoDiaC's devilbeatz...or my kinda take on it I guess.

I normally dont do demos of tracks before but with this one I noticed I was using alot of bass samples and alot of stuff that would just drown each other out , so basically it was a soundcheck if nothing else...I still dont trust that t.v lol.

Any input on it , whether to change samples or complete it or just scrap it...feel free to hit me up with a " Knowlesy !...its shit ! " lol

Anyhoo , band practice tomorrow am off to bed.
Boredom claimed another victim last night...which is the result of this.

Nothing more to say really so I'm just gonna go ahead n press Post.

This one came out last night...and I can say I really like it. Influenced alot by the sounds I had heard on forum last night.
Tried to make it as big , as interesting and as epic as possible , so it may at times some kinda...cluster fuck-ish. But I'm really happy how it turned out, sometimes you write with a plan of how it will all tie together an sometimes it just isnt how you imagined or isnt good...but its pretty much how I had planned.

I think its more sorta techno/dance/electronic than metal...there is guitar but the majority of the melodys are synth-based.

Anyhoo...enough yammering.

The Tempest part 2 ( No Horizon In Sight )
So as you can imagine I had NO idea what to call this my apologise's if your expecting bagpipe samples n stuff lol

This one basically came about with the sudden rush to write last night. Its kinda funky.

Anyhoo , hope you like it.
Techno/Trance / Knowlesy00 ~ Aurora
May 10, 2011, 01:00:52 AM
Gonna make this short as possible , been a long day and my bed is making " come to bed eyes " at me.

Had a weird notion to a dance-y track...not done one in a while.

Happy with the result took more time than I usually do with any track genre getting the sample volumes and everything just so...with that said listening again the hi-hat an is tad loud and I could have brought the bass down a couple of notches...but f*ck it...I am shattered lol.

Will be on tomorrow hopefully to comment & reply on tracks.


Just a quick post at the minute while I had time.

This was a sort of mash of melodys that didnt fit on Murderotica and so I can restructured it all to play the same way as
Motherboard - in the sense of the slow build , main melody repeat ...I think theres only 3 different melodys in this but I like it so far.

After hearing Eddys vs with it really did hit home the use of percussion - hi hats I've tried to up my hi hatt-ing game...dunno if theres much else to say.

Grans over for her dinner at the moment so I will be on later after I've taken her home to comment n reply.

So I've had some time over this weekend and had the idea (good or bad) to do a concept thing.

Basically the plot is -

Strobe - Killer stalks drunk girl in a nightclub.

Abduction - murderer talks the girl outside with notion of spending the night , at this point shes been out hrs and totally wasted so anything to keep the "nightout buzz" is a factor in her decision...thinks turn serious however when the killer begins to show his true colours and she trys to run but is caught.

The Kill Room - In the killers room of death (if you've seen Dexter just kinda picture that way)

All That Once Was & Will Never Be - Girls family launching t.v appeal for missing child...a requiem for the victims.

Hopefully you guys enjoy this...I had a blast writing it taking alot of inspiration from members up on here so cheers guys.
I do remember saying something about taking a break from writing but last night the Internet went down for a while an the boredom struck...and here we are.

Its kinda skating along the lines of - Nemesis , A Nightmare To Remember and Something Wicked Comes This Way

Basically a darker song...yeh ? ... yep...

So I'm going to take a break from writing ( if I can some stuff may slip through ) but if you guys are interested and have Music for the PC and you have a song in mind that you'd like to do something with...maybe to rework as your own or remix or just add melodys that I bypassed completely then feel free.

Leave a comment below or message me and I'll get to work on the track and message you when I've completed it in its

Rock/Metal/Pop / Knowlesy00 ~ Resurrection (Metal)
April 15, 2011, 09:46:24 PM
This one is pretty much a bunch of riffs i've made metal...ish.
A few you may have heard before from my tracks in the Soundtrack section but others were written on the spot.
I'm thinking off showing this one to the band , so any comments...if it does'nt sound right or sucks monkey balls feel free to tell me lol.

In other news -
So my Gran's been in hospital with pneumonia and a urine infection but today :) ... she got let out.
Yep ... at 86 she's still bouncing back ... so thanks for the comments and well wishes on that.

So all is well in my world...atleast for now....*knocks on wood*
Techno/Trance / Knowlesy00 ~ Cloud Walker
April 12, 2011, 06:43:02 PM
Was itching to write something... whether its good or not is down to you guys.

I've been spending most of my time in the Hospital since my gran got taken in with pneumonia and a urine infection.

Basically for now I'm just gonna be posting this and heading out for the night time visit so I'll be on again hopefully tonight when I get in or tomorrow before afternoon visiting.

Anyhoo , I gots to go...laters. 
I wrote this on late on Sunday night through onto Monday morning before I realised what the time was.

I'm do really like this one ... its kind of melancholy but in a uplifting way...listen an you'll get what I'm trying to say.

And all , comments , hate mail and restraining orders are welcome.
I never really had much time to write anything this week and when I did it was shi...not very good.

So last night I had picked up the guitar , again at a stupid time in the morning when I could'nt sleep and these two popped out.

Decimate - My usual kinda guitar , strings , Two Steps from Hell kinda thing.

Parallels  - A kind of...experimental track like Oceanviews , Echoes etc.

Anyhoo ... ciao for now.
I finally got some time to put up something and I know it nothing like a supply an demand type-a thing , I'm sure most reading might agree that sitting infront of MUSIC or FL etc , is better than therapy when it comes to stress an just generally taking your mind off things.

So anyhoo , with this I just got a few hours to gather some melodys together an I'm really happy with my string work on this one...I took alot of time to get it just right so hopefully you'll like it.

Enough Jibba.
This one might have the most simplest explanation ... but seriously ...

How do I change the BPM on the track...cause I'ma be stuck on 130 for a long damn time with this one.

With this one I was trying to recreate the sort of split personalitly as I did with " The Light Defeats The Dark " ...where its more sort of threatening/evil and kinda lightens up as the song progresses with melodys an such...aye... :o

So enough yammering...I'm try n find a decent copy of Battle: L.A to view

Experimental/Other / Knowlesy00 ~ Hurt {CoVeR}
March 18, 2011, 12:37:10 PM
I think I've booked my tickets to hell with this one , not only do you not cover a Nine Inch Nails song ... you do not cover a Johnny Cash song ... its kinda like casting Steven Seagal and Keanu Reeves in the new Batman movie...
So with my imminent damnation (oo like that , that'll be nexts weeks song title) I leave you with my attempt...kind of a bad kareoke sounding cover...type thing...listen if you want I dont blame you if you cant bring yourself to lol.


So basically I sorta wrote this in about an 1hr - 1hr 30min because I had main the guitar melodys at the beginning in my head and the string melody at the I'm kinda getting to the point if I don't write it down what I've got I'll forget it no matter how kick-ass I think it may be at the time.

But anyhoo yeh I was gonna say something and I've even forgot that now...damn you pop-up's!

AYE ! This is pretty much the brother of " Two Minutes to Midnight " ...same as I have "Supernova" and "Second Star to the Right , Straight on till morning. "

Enough Jibba.

I was kinda bored (again) when I fooling around with this it comes in at around 2 minutes , so I kinda left it open to finish I guess.
Its mostly based on the travis barker rock remix that he did with a slight hint of the usual I think mine is more metal-ish...I dunno...its very late.

Well I think thats it , it's gone stupid o'clock and I'ma quit my jibberin.
I wrote this last night and I took some time with the strings and the melody's trying to get what I had in my head into the game and I think I got it pretty much how I imagined.
If I was to compare to other tracks I've down I'd say its like a big mash up of Stargazer - Dawn and hint of Echoes.

Thank that covers it. Enough jibba jabba.

Rap/Hip Hop / Knowlesy00 ~ KnowlesyDoes...Rap?
March 09, 2011, 06:09:55 PM
First off , I'm not actually rapping over the track which...for a man who could hardly wrap his xmas gifts , is a gift to the TIMGUL forum.
I have to mention DJ Eddy and ZoDiaC who's tracks , in my current state of boredom have brought me to this.
(basically if it sucks...blame them... :) )

Anyhoo , enough jibba jabba

Enjoy...homies.   :o
The newest and I think , of my best...melody wise atleast.

Think thats it , Enjoy.
Experimental/Other / Knowlesy00 ~ Serenity (Demo)
February 25, 2011, 12:18:07 PM

Usual stuff with this , was writing late last night...thought the song was gonna be something else entirely an it came out pretty unexpected which was a nice suprise.
But yeh...bored , wrote this...and I have absolutely no idea what style it is...I guess if ppl like it or what I'll finish it or try to do others in a similar sort of style but...there u go.
Rock/Metal/Pop / Knowlesy00 ~ Christina [80's Pop/Rock]
February 22, 2011, 07:59:50 PM
So after the week I had I knew I just wanted to write something uplifting , that I could listen to and that would basically just make me smile...which turned out to be the goal here.
I went for a 80's sorta sound I guess because my parents would mostly play 80's stuff in the car and in the house so thats the sound I sorta grew up with.
It's not really meant to be taken seriously as one of my tracks I guess , just one of those " made for me " type things that I think turned out pretty o.k and if you wanna download it or listen its there...feel free to throw in a comment.
The name , as I mentioned about a happier mood and smiling etc...Christina is the name of my Gran.
Anyhoo , enough jibba jabba.

Enjoy.  :)
I'm not really feeling to good at the minute. Stupidly missed my night-time meds on sunday night (I think) and I ended up taking a seizure...cut my arm whilst fitting so somehow , someway it got infected...but nevermind , am away for the weekend an hopefully normal service will be resumed...comments , songs etc.

While u mighta guessed its a Supernova 2 ... em ... what seperates the first and this one...the first is more acoustic guitar driven...mostly coz I had'nt worked out the strings and the pianos yet...but this is one is more electric I'd say... the words of B.A - I'ma quit my jibba jabba...enjoy!
I'll try an make this a short a possible.

Basically , This is the original version of Robotica. But halfway writing it I had something nagging me that I'd heard it or something familiar to it onto youtube I looked into my favourites to see if it was something I'd recently favourited , playing most used playlist on windows when it came on...Nine Inch Nails - Just Like You Imagined. 
I went back to Music an obviously reworked it. But I spent most of the last couple of days since posting RobotWarz looking at the NIN tabs , bass and guitar.
An though maybe sounding kinda the same , the chord progessions , melodys are completely my ears I think its just the off-time drums that make it appear familiar...but anyhoo.

The link to NiN below and what I've now named The Motherboard.

 < --- Nine Inch Nails - Just Like You Imagined.
Basically with this lot I wanted to try to an use a more electronic sound , almost nu-metal type of a style with more use of the synths etc.


The RobotWarz

1. Robotica
2. System Shutdown
3. The RobotWarz (Cyborg vs Android)
Albums / Knowlesy00 ~ Here At The End Of All Things...
January 20, 2011, 11:32:57 PM
Here At The End Of All Things

1 - The Awakening (Intro)
2 - Reapercussions
3 - Digital Storm
4 - Something Wicked Comes Things Way
5 - Half Remembered Dream
6 - The End Of All Things (Outro)

This is my first attempt at an album so hopefully you'll like it.

Anyhoo , as always - enjoy.
So I finally purchased it and I've spent a couple of hours trying to get to grips with the controls and I'm fairly excited with it.
I've got a Line 6 Pod , basically I plug that into my pc with my guitar or bass and it gives u all kinds of effects so with the sample/recording function in the Pc version I may have finally got my guitar sound :) .
See how that pans out...

I probably wont be on for a while I'm trying to write an album at the minute to upload here...around 8 tracks or so.
I'm not trying to rush it an I'm being as brutal as possible with the music in the terms if they dont stand-out or if it has a similar sound , melody or chord progression to other songs I've created I'ma just discard it.

Hopefully in the end it'll all sound good.
Take care an I'll see ya when its done.
Hey folks.

Was up till stupid hours of the morning writing this trying to write the most catchiest , driving melodys I could at the time and try and make it sound as good as possible.

Hopefully it is.

Anyhoo thanks for listening.
Video Game/Film Soundtracks / Knowlesy00 ~ Desperado
January 03, 2011, 04:19:10 AM
My second western style score since " Mexican Standoff ". Inspired a whole lot by Ennio Morricone's work on Sergio Leone's movies. The man knows how to make epic images sound just as epic if not more.

Anyhoo , thanks for listening. 
Video Game/Film Soundtracks / Knowlesy00 ~ Warwoundz
January 02, 2011, 07:08:25 PM
More of the same experimentation as Echoes. Trying to develop whatever formula I used to create that track.

I actually really like that this the moment anyway...more listens should confirm either way.

Anyhoo thanks for listening.
Techno/Trance / Knowlesy00 ~ The Fountain (Dance)
December 27, 2010, 04:38:07 AM
I need to tip my hat to B.G.A with this one , listening to his tracks put me in the mood to write not only some kind of Club anthem but some kind of live rave event type thing.

With the main melody that comes , I mostly listen to Pendulum & Prodigy I have no idea if it sounds-like or I have plainly just ripped someone off...I dunno...let me know.

Anyhoo...I hope you find it enjoyable.
Techno/Trance / Knowlesy00 ~ Momento (Dance)
December 26, 2010, 11:43:13 PM
Yep...I remember what I said on ' Neon Lights ' but I started to write this on Xmas Eve and I just couldnt switch my brain off. Music wise anyways.

I'm trying to experiment more with percussion in this one and future tracks , normally for Dance songs I make I'll just go to the premade stuff but pretty much all the stuff here is my own.
Think thats it.

Techno/Trance / Knowlesy00 ~ Neon Lights (Dance)
December 20, 2010, 06:20:30 PM
Its roughly about that time when I try to put together some kind of Dance track.

Not much more to mention other than am actually quite fond of this one , hope you like it.

Think thats all. This may be my last track this year so if I don't hear from you all Merry Chrimbo & a Happy New Year.

So its sorta later than I thought so I'ma try n get through this quickly as possible.

Basically picking with the story of the Antihero - caught - shot & left for dead...this was written in mind with - that although badly wounded and bleeding he is rescued and recovers.

Its got some themes you might recognise from tracks I've post in the [Video Game/Film Soundtracks] section...of the top of my head " The Final Battle " , " The Execution of The Antihero " ...a few new.

Anyhoo its almost 3am so I'ma do what brain seems to be telling me and go to bed.
Wanted to write a mostly score-like piece that tied in with tracks like The Precipice , Farewell & Adieu , Elysium.

Em...think thats it.

Hope you like it.

Video Game/Film Soundtracks / Knowlesy00 ~ Echoes
December 14, 2010, 12:22:51 AM
I dunno what this is...honestly.

I tend to say that alot about most of my stuff but I really do mean it this time...I have no idea. Hence my posting here.

This was written pretty much out of boredom and experimentation so I apologise if it sucks big floppy donkey dick.



Echoes (Gunshots Remix) is pretty much what'd you expect from the stuff I post in this area...strings, guitars , drums. 

A more Two Steps from Hell type style with it in contrast to the original.

Anyhoo hope you enjoy.

Finally found the memory card it was on...and after all the time of going through memory cards I realised I hadnt named it
" The Tale of The Zombie Viking King " on the card so = eejit.

With that out the way I worked on this pretty much all day. There are changes but nothing to drastic from the originally.
More parts , I've upped the bpm slightlly aswell to give it more off kick too...think thats it.

Oh and " Fallen Martyrs & False Prophets " ...another instrumental based metal song really.

But there you go...hope you enjoy em.
Video Game/Film Soundtracks / Knowlesy00 ~ 3 New Songs
December 06, 2010, 11:54:42 AM
Gonna keep this short as possible cause I'm really loaded with the flu at the minute.

Just 3 songs I'm been working on while I've been bed ridden.

A Nightmare To Remember

Hey guys.

I think I've finally written THE song...I spent hours getting the strings and everything to sound just right ( musically anyway ) ...there may still be the odd panning issue or sample thats slightly higher...but I'm more than happy with this
track. I'd say in my opinion its my best , hopefully you agree.  :)

( Oh I'd written a sorta b-side thing...its there if you want a listen. )
This wasn't really written with anything in mind...pieces just came together and fit.

One of the easiest songs for me to write in terms of the flow of it , basically wrote itself.

Anyhoo , hope you check it out I'm really pleased with this one...its up there with Final Battle and Nemesis.


Thought I'd put this here.
If you've been on YouTube and watched a fan vid of movie/game etc chances are you've heard this track.
For those who don't know : Clint Mansell wrote "Lux Aeterna" for the movie "Requiem For A Dream".
It was then re-worked an re-named by the Corner Stone Cues to "Requiem For A Tower" .
Reworked yet again by Howard Shore and used in the Lord of The Rings - Two Towers trailer.
Its very epic and very overused...but still awesome.
Fealt I haven't written a metal based track in a while.

Sat down with my guitar and this is the result.

Pretty happy with it.

(Also recorded a song a few days ago , never uploaded it...mostly cause I wasnt sure if it was good enough on its own,
but I'll put it up as sort of B-side to get it out the way.)
I experimented before with this and I thought I should see what I else I could do with it.

Again I've had to opt for the electric guitar samples as the acoustic ones tend to get drowned out.
Nothing much more to say...its kinda in the same vein as Supernova , Solar Flares...just a sorta dance version I guess.

Anyhoo I hope you enjoy.
I completed CoD Black Ops (Good game , campaigns a lil short) and after all those firefights I wanted to write a piece of music that might fit in a firefight , a non stop hail of bullets.

As to the music this was a sorta unfinished B-side to the mini-Score/Metal/Dance e.p compilation thing...basically a clusterfuck of songs.

Anyhoo, enough chat...
Techno/Trance / Knowlesy00 ~ LateNightRave ( Dance ? )
November 12, 2010, 02:52:22 AM

So after listening to Casper n Eddys colab it really put me in the mood to write something dance-y ... try to create something better than I have.

But after hrs of tinkering away I think I came up with something I'm quite proud of :) .


This one was'nt planned , you'll notice if you listen to it I just really liked the String melodys and built riffs around it.

I dont see it as finished , hopefully more guitars and other parts to be written with the result of it being quite long but hopefully not boring.

Back to the metal , originally this wasn't gonna be a straight up metal song...I was still experimenting with the style I had with " Trial & Error " when I starting writing and it came out like this...and I really dig it.

Anyhoo , its there for a listen if you want...all comments welcome.

More experimenting with different to keep myself entertained mostly...em...if this is the worst thing you've ever let yourself listen to...I apologise.

Theres a slight volume muffle at the end, I think I knocked the lead with my foot or somethin but thats all.

Anyhoo , any and all comments are welcome.
Just a bulk upload of experimental songs.
Creating a mini-e.p I guess...

X-Termination - ( Dance version of Terminator theme ) but the rest is all my own.

Anyhoo here it is.
Usual scenario.

Knowlesy + Bored = Writes , but doesnt know if the song is , posts for a second opinion.

Yep...same shit different topic. lol

Any and all comments are welcome.

Have'nt really done anything score wise since...Elegy I think.

But this one I really am super dooper proud of with sprinkles on top...everything I was looking to get in.
It's 5 mins long but hopefully you wont even notice...anyhoo.

Oh aye, I wrote sorta this with the death of the " films " hero.

No its not the Sophie-Ellis Bexter one lol.

It's a kinda...80's pop-ish / todays dance...least thats what I trying to go for...hopefully it comes across.

Anyhoo enough talkin , Enjoy.


Pavor Nocturnus -

I wanted to write a really death metal styled track , in your face melodies and a just set at a really fast pace.

Night Terrors -

Is a sort of a horror movie remix of the song...some key melodys and some new...em...aye.


One of those songs that I'm not really sure about. I really don't know with this one. There is some melodys within it I really like....hmm....have a listen.

I decided before writing anything else , I better update some of the sound in some of my favourites.
If I've missed any , let me know and I'll add em to the list.

Another lil experiment.

Originally I think it was Danthrax's idea...I kinda forgot about it and I was bored today so I turned on Music.

I had to abandon the acoustics for electric samples...the acoustics just didnt give it that kick it needed.

Anyhoo , hope ya like it.

Rock/Metal/Pop / Knowlesy00 ~ Solar Flares ( Metal )
September 18, 2010, 08:11:41 PM
This is instrumental...I think...I dont sounds kinda like Supernova's cousin...if songs were related.

Again , I dunno...have a listen.

Hey guys.

Tried to for a more mainstream sounding song this time , more poppy-ish I guess. And I actually find it really catchy so hopefully you guys do to :) .

Anyhoo hope y'all enjoy.

Techno/Trance / Knowlesy00 ~ SpaceRave
September 12, 2010, 06:16:08 PM
After the really encouraging comments I got on my last attempt at a dance styled song , I thought I'd take another bash at it...and I really like this one...probably one of my favourite songs I've written.

After posting " The Light Defeats The Dark " (and this having nothing to do with being loaded with the flu and spending all my time in my bedroom , being bored outta my mind ! ) I decided to write a second song.

The 1st - dark destroyed by light

The 2nd - light that seemingly won is overthrown by the dark.

well that was the idea off back to bed to watch some much needed south park.

I hope y'all like it.

Wrote this a couple of nights ago and I would have posted it sooner but I'm currently loaded with the flu at the minute...I am seriously dying for a cigarette.  :(

Anyhoo the song...its funky...give it a listen...make an unwell man very happy  ;)
Rock/Metal/Pop / Knowlesy00 ~ Hellbound ( Instrumetal )
September 01, 2010, 03:13:12 PM
I've been writing this one for quite while...I could never really get grips with the strings till recently an I knew I wanted it to sound big and epic.
My favourite bass player is Cliff Burton , my ultimate all-time favourite would be Orion...a symphony on guitars.

This isnt close to Orion or near that...but it has some nice melodies.

Enjoy thanks.
First of , sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section I know zilch about dance and its bad...but anyhoo ... I don't even have a name this.

But please , any comments would be coolio.

This track I wrote after watching Band of Brothers , Saving Private Ryan...and I think The Pacifics the next one anyhoo...but after all that war and conflict I'd thought I'd write something...see what comes out...this's what came out.
I know it doesnt go here...but I'm just so excited about this track...myself I think it's probably the best work I've done...and I'm seiriously considering a more scored/sythn/melodic sound.

comments would be nice.
Rock/Metal/Pop / Knowlesy00 ~ This.IS...Knowlesy (E.P)
August 22, 2010, 10:36:20 PM

Heres my kinda stab at the whole " Album , E.P " side of things. I'm still sorta ironing out the kinks on the sound side ( which at times you may notice and I apologise ) but this is just something that hopefully you find satisfactory...or even something that you can put up...the screaming baby you can ignore I'm not fussed on the reference.

Any comments at all are welcome.

1 - Chasing The Horizon
2 - Firefight
3 - Melody Mashup
4 - Running From The Reaper
5 - To The Beyond 

I started work on this late last night , mostly the boredom factor...and wanting to see if I could get it sounding just probably isnt.

But its not one of the worst things I've saved to memory card.

Anyhoo, comments and handy tips on finally getting this stuff to sound decent would be appreciated :) .

Rock/Metal/Pop / Knowlesy00 ~ Electric Jam ( Metal )
August 17, 2010, 08:44:00 PM
first full electric metal attempt thing...nowhere Danthrax standards but a few good riffs I think.

I'm not exactly sure what to make of this hence the length n rough cut me it just seems like another accidental song I've that I'm never really sure about.

Of course there are parts n melodies that I like otherwise I wouldnt have posted it but I dunno.

Any feedback would be coolio.


I really love some of the riffs in this , I spent a while going around the fret on what sound good for harmonys an such so I hope y'all like it.

Anyhoo, Cheers.
Rock/Metal/Pop / Knowlesy00 ~ The Reckoning ( Metal )
August 13, 2010, 03:45:55 PM
Sat for hours yesterday , consuming quite alot stuff didnt touch my guitar or turn on music.

But when I woke I felt that urge to write somethin , whether it was boredom or not but anyhoo...riffs popped out and I wrote The Reckoning...

( I'm uploading The Constant...its re-mastered an I like it :) lol's there. )

Anyhoo , hope y'all enjoy.
Aye so , I've been kinda pondering what to do lately...I think I'm hitting starting to hit the dredded writers block...everything I'm writing an playing back on Music... I'm deleting and restartin or I'm thinkin it sounds to much like something I've already I think I need to go away n recharge ( alot of metal and alot of score. )

But here's something I wrote...sort of an Cd opening / Closing...I dunno may be just a massive cluster fuck lol but I hope you like some of the melodies.

#83 I was kinda sat about playing guitar seeing what would come out and then kinda expirmented a while in the game and well , I had nothing better to do lol... ( Dont worry it isnt that long. )

I think its my 3rd score...sounding...thing...hope y'all like it.
#84 here's's kinda...I dunno how to describe it...structured chaos is probably best.
I love some of the melodies in it and I hope y'all do too.
Thank's.  ;D
#85 was'nt a typo.
Thought I'd finally attempt some kinda thing with the electric guitar stuff and see if it was any good. This is just a sample I guess of song , all the elements but at under 2 mins.
It's up just now mostly cause I'm not sure about it...I don't know even know if I like it. So I'm needing some opinions as this is sorta new territory for me.

But enough blabbin, hope y'all enjoy.

Thought I'd try my hand writing in Standard tuning mostly all my songs are written in Drop D so I thought I'd go for a thrashy kinda feel.
But the Knowlesy version , whatever that is.

Anyhoo here it is.

SO...back to metal...YAY! lol.
Nah I've had fun an I'll be experimenting more , but I had these riffs in my head all day so I wrote it on guitar then put it onto here it is.

Oh and I've uploaded Supernova ( yet again , I know ) the first version was recorded in mono and just a stacked , layered sound from me.
The second , a touch better in mono but still that sound from the game.
Now this version I've been tampering with the pan and stuff to what sounds decent enough , I guess.
This will probably be THE last time its uploaded.

Anyhoo , Thanks.
As the topic suggest I was sat in my room doin f - all and remember Dj Eddy suggestin that I might try some form of Dance. it is.

( If I've offended dance lovers with this I am truly sorry , I have never written dance and if it is indeed that bad I will hand on heart promise you never to touch the genre again. )

Your sarcastically , Knowlesy00.


Hey y'all.
So Danthrax put me onto the idea of combining what I've been doin over the last couple of day's , basically playing about with the String sound's and the metal I usually kinda heres another little experiment probably the last for now so I can get back to more metal.
Em , so this is another film-score-like thingy.
I've taken my inspiration from ennio morricone for his great music on Sergio Leone's films.
So basically, a western score.

( Basically I had in my head, at the beginning , the protagonist and the antagonist preparing to standoff...basically just imagine Clint Eastwood lol , hopefully this might give you some fun images and the music might match that. )

Rock/Metal/Pop / Knowlesy00 ~ Mexican Standoff
July 25, 2010, 11:08:44 AM
Em , so this is another film-score-like thingy.
I've taken my inspiration from ennio morricone for his great music on Sergio Leone's films.
So basically, a western score.

( Basically I had in my head, at the beginning , the protagonist and the antagonist preparing to standoff...basically just imagine Clint Eastwood lol , hopefully this might give you some fun images and the music might match that. )

Was playing around on Music and I wrote this. It's not metal , its more symphony/film score type stuff but dont worry if it aint your thing its short.  :)

Any comments would be coolio  :D

I thought I'd put my own little spin on a Killswitch Engage type of track.
So I kinda took there formula and whatever I have an just mixed shit it may ACTUALLY be shit so I apologise if I offend KSE fans for this lol.

But this is the result. Hope y'all enjoy.

Wrote this tonight, thought I'd take a stab at something darker. So I wrote this...thing...anyhoo I hope y'all like it.


Wrote this tonight. The main intro I've had lying around for a while on one of my memory cards and I've entirely to many " Intro " an " Outro " things. So this is what the result is , my shot at a metal epic...I guess.
It doesnt have solos and it is long but it you give it a listen you might find it a sorta...average song  ... or there abouts... hopefully lol .

As always guys all comments are welcome the good the bad and the ugly. Enjoy.
Rock/Metal/Pop / Some New Stuff
June 18, 2010, 07:50:04 PM
Thought I'd post some of the stuff I'd been working on. Termination is a cover of Terminator theme ( big give away , huh ? ) but the rest is all my own.
Any comments about any of the recordings , good or bad is fine n dandy.
Rock/Metal/Pop / New Songs
March 31, 2010, 07:59:13 PM
3 new songs. Supernova is the short instrumental but with an added section and recorded in stereo so it sounds much better.

Any feedback at all , good or back is appreciated.

Rock/Metal/Pop / short instrumetal
March 22, 2010, 08:48:08 PM
Aswell as metal , I listen to alot of film score . I wanted a track that sounded as if it could open or close an album , hopefully it sounds good. Any comments good or bad are appreciated.  :)
Lost songs (MUSIC/MTVMG) / DeathMetal-Core-Ish-???
December 24, 2008, 04:53:22 PM
One of my songs, you may need to turn up your volume slightly but it should be ok.

Any feedback would be cool, enjoy.
Introductions / Hello
November 28, 2008, 08:57:45 PM
Hello all, I'm Knowlesy. Like alot of you who probably got Music 2000 when it first came out, we never stopped creating on it. I get alot of jokes made at my expense because I still play it on the Playstation. I've got about 4 or 5 memory cards worth of material, most songs deleted or chopped and mashed together over the years, am having trouble recording them. I've bought the Y adaptor and everything hooked up and in its place but when I play back in audacity, although I can kinda hear the music its still noise if you get what I mean, if anyone has suggestions please let me know. Anyhoo, nice to meet ya.