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Rap/Hip Hop / Knowlesy00 ~ Two Beats
July 02, 2011, 09:42:00 PM
The Muffin Man

First of lol , yeah the name. Its basically a skeleton demo where the idea is there. It was written around "Tartan Gangsta" period where Eddy n myself talked about maybe doing an colab E.P or album type thing. So this was written mainly with what Eddy may ( or may not ) do in mind. Basically , Eddy if you hear it , like it and want it I'll make it up for you. 


I'd say this is pretty mainstream...I'm no big rap fan , at least these days. But this one I listened back to get an idea of an name and straight from the intro I could imagine the " Jason Derulo " thing he half sings over ALL his tracks to let ppl know its him and then to chorus it was so...I could just hear someone singing in that weird auto-tune voice over maybe me...ZoDiaC might kill me...damn.
On the site with the man himself , eh ? Thats awesome Rikki.
I'm very huge fan of that track and I don't just mean philes in general but your interpretation of it specifically.
MUSIC series discussion / Re: M2k samples
July 02, 2011, 09:11:24 PM
Pretty much as Arcane said mate.

I remember there being a quite alot of ppl asking the same question but I don't know if they were succesful.

Congrats Eddy :) . Well deserved mate , one of the things I've always admired about your work Eddy was the production skills. You seem to be able to know right from the start of the track , the samples to use , how louds , the effects and where to pan them to achieve the overall sound you were looking for.
And pretty much how Rob stated , how with that crisp sound made some truly brilliant , kick-ass melodies.
Also the work you put into commenting on all tracks no matter the genre.
I dunno what else to say about you mate without the others thinking we're gonna buy cowboy hats and bugger off camping.
But yeah lol , Very good choice Rob & congratulations again Eddy.

Weird how some days you can feel lost and be like " I can't write anything , nothings coming " and other weeks you just can't seem to stop yourself. I figure this is one of the good weeks.
In about 10 yrs of writing and about a yr or so of doing stuff with strings in some way , this is the first I have ever written
that has the " Long Horn " sample on...which I dunno why I haven't added before. But I can really appreciate the fuller sound I was striving to get with this one.
Anyhoo...enough yammering.
Just taking an overall listen to this first before commenting. I thought like you'd made a straight up mainstream rap beat , the way you were flogging urself. I really didn't expect a J-machine influenced track to come out.
And to be honest it was a very nice suprise. Really like the bass , the drumwork as always is brilliant but what suprised my the most was that really nice flute melody and the kinda spacey-ish pad melody that also come in.
Really nice work Z , you should totally dabble in other stuff more often.

Wrote this one today. Had a couple of hrs to spare so I turned on Music. I'm really happy with the piano work in this I'd go as far as to say its my best piano stuff for a while. Though it has the sort of epic-ish Two Step from Hell sound of the stringss and distorted guitar , I wanted to give it a different vibe than the other " ready for battle/war! " which is all good I love that stuff an I'll probably continue to put that stuff up until I feel I'm repeating myself.
But with this one its , I feel more melodic than the other " Time to charge into battle " ones.
Think thats all to report. Weathers nice...clear sunny skies...think Andy Murray's still in Wimbledon...thank u for tuning into
Timgul news.
Rock/Metal/Pop / Re: ...
June 28, 2011, 12:04:39 AM
Totally missed this one -

Very cool guitar riff. Really love the drum sound you got Dan...the big meaty , almost distorted-like drum n bass like kit.
Z was'nt lying about it getting stuck in your head. Another thing that strikes me is how meaty the bass is on the chorus ,
weighing down the guitars. Nice addition of the strings at the end.
Quote from: Koolassjoe on June 23, 2011, 04:41:46 AM
Im all for it if it allows us to keep doing what were doing!

Pretty much the jist of what I was gonna say.
Thanks alot Z :)

Gotta admit I'm quite pleasantly suprised by Watercolour. It really was something to pass the time when the internet was down
but after the few listens I've given it , its already caught on with.
Rikki aka Da Logo Man
Just watched it be honest I was like " hmm I dunno " ... but my god...I just about jizzed a couple of times.

if you want to EPIC skip to -
3:18 ( keep watching )
6:13 ( same deal )

Epic. :) ...thanks for post mate.
Totally in agreement with Coordman. Very NIN Z...I'm not gonna water this down so I'm just gonna come out an say it.
The beat in exoskeleton , the pattern , the sfx...if fucking sick. You know somethings up when the beat itself is evil as fuck.
Timing it...not even at minute into it and am boppin along.
Really like how it builds up to 1:33 and theres that small gap of sfx or synth but it just makes it more grand.
From 1:36 onwards , I imagine for anyone in a club or a raver in general is a section of heaven.
Really love it from 2:31 where it sounds as if there more bass seeping into the mix , plus the addition of the robot voice ? is very cool. Brilliant piano work...sounds amazing with the pads and the various sounds you've got going on.
Synth coming in for the piano...very epic , really growing to love this track.
Epic long did it take to write an master ?

Cheers to Da5t3r n AF for the comments. Always welcomed.
Personally myself with the slow down section. I wrote it as a sort of set up to contract what was coming next so that it just burst in.
But I really like the synth weaves in an out of the guitar....but then I'm not to partial on it lol.
Cheers again guys.
Drum & Bass / Re: DJ Eddy Vs Knowlesy
June 27, 2011, 10:47:23 PM
Gotta concur with the others once again. Really brilliant work Eddy.
I'd totally be up for doing an album or e.p if I can persuade ya :)
Thanks Z , always nice to hear :) .

Eddy - Glad you liked it mate. Samples of Christian Bale in Terminator: Salvation.
Cheers Z !
I'd be up for hearing it...POST IT Z !!!

One of those experimental ones , no internet so super-dooper-uber-boredom with sprinkles on top.
I'd say its sort of Ambient - like...score-y...I don't really know...its kinda reggae. :)

Dead By Sundown

This track...if " Something Wicked Comes This Way " & " Desperado " had a child...this would probably be it.
Running from Zombies in a cowboy hat.


Its Hardcore Didgeridoo Dubstep.