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Really sorry to hear that Dan.

When I was pretty much only posting metal/rock you were a big inspiration to " up my game " as it were.
Cause at the time I was posting metal but with acoustic guitars and you arrived with a really solid metal sound and right then an there I knew if I could'nt match the overall production sound and I came to the conculusion that I'd make up for that with the melodies. I never viewed any of it as a competition , if anything it was the kick up the backside I needed to take things seriously about the production aspect of the recordings.
So if Danthrax aka Dreadspawn has posted his last track , then I am sad to hear it.
Take care n all the best.
Hardcore / Re: I Lost My Mind-DJ Eddy
June 27, 2011, 09:57:49 PM
Really love the beat n bass work from intro onwards , its kinda like rave/breakbeat.
Sfx @ 1:06 are awesome...ZOMG that piano melody is brilliant Eddy and with the tints of the pads an flute is epic as hell.
Love the climax with the melody into transformed onto the synths. Really love that melody mate.
If you made this on PC ( & u don't mind ) can you send me this mate ?
Let me know.
First off I was about to remark on how slow my net was...then realised how large the song was an was like oh...wowser.
I really like the creative spin you've put on using the premade synth , just a lil touch of pad really can change up things.
Can definately see what you mean by old school Robert has that sort of structure and pace to it.
If this was my first I'd have definately been proud of this , my tracks in the beginning were'nt music...just noise lol.
The kicks major ass. I love the groove to this bad am I the only one where he hears the synth has an image of a Zombie Fair Ground / Carnival...pretty much 28 Days/Weeks Later @ the Carnival.
All the sounds are badass , as to be expected. Very cool picture.
This is wicked mate. Rocket Science was always my favourite of the tracks on the game so its nice to hear this remix.
First thing that comes to mind is how you've kind of went with bones of the original drumtrack but also made loops for it that make it your own. Very much in agreement with Eddy , the choppy , stop/start riffs is brilliant...setting you up for the rock.
Mostly came about with doing Manacles. Thought I'd have another go at a Movie Trailer-ish track with this usual hint of Knowlesy shit.

Probably the second track that I've used a sample outside of MUSIC on , First being From Lambs to Lions where I put in Russel Crowes line from Robin Hood.

Think thats all the news. Got a load of shit to do round the house so I'll be on laters to comment n reply.

Cheers n Ciao!
I realised I'm pretty much neglecting the straight up metal that I used to post up on the Rock/Metal/Pop section.
So with this one I wanted to try an integrate that straight up sound with where I am now. Its all with electric samples
and its kind of hard to pull of riffs as the sample that I use the most does'nt have that much sustain , but I am thinking about bringing out the acoustics again for a couple of tracks or so.

Battle of Asgard - I'd pretty much describe this as a mashup of Nightwish and Iron Maiden...basically symphonic/power metal.

A Drop In The Ocean - One of the boredom beats. Could'nt sleep and found myself passing time playing the guitar and this was the result.

Thats all folks. Ciao. 
Quote from: Fear 2 Stop® on June 11, 2011, 08:07:48 PM
QuoteManacles - lol I was eating Pizza...and it was a bit cold towards the end.

LMFAO...I was eating pizza while I was listening to it. Synergy!

Just goes to show , crazy mofos think alike  8)
One bar at a time ? ... now here is a patient man.

The string work is truely brilliant mate. Which it climaxs at the chorus , with the chord progression , the vocal you really could have a hit on your hands on with this. Plus the repetitive line " Don't you feel foolish " brilliant...thats your song right there.
Really nice work , I hope you can take more time to get a better sound for the guitar and vocals...maybe a little touch of bass smoothing over the root notes at the chorus...would be perfect...brilliant song out of sad circumstances.
A big thank you to Z n F2S for the comments. Really glad you liked em guys.

@F2S - thanks alot m8. With the Evil That Men Do it was one of the classic Knowlesy " hmmm I dunno " I think that with the number of segments and changes I didn't really know what to make of it. Most tracks I do have a repetitive main melody or chord progression with one or more layered melodys to keep up the interest. But it has really grown on me.

Zepp - I'd really have to agree here , my favourite part is just after the intro with the plucked bass. I was really going for the sort of pluck cello sound to build into the string section.

Catalyst - Yeh its a cover mate , its pretty much the ending of the song. The whole throw is pads and sfx which should'nt (I hope) be to hard I just wanted to make sure I could actually get the sound for the synth. Sat with my guitar an tabbed it out on youtube , so I really was'nt sure if it was accurate lol.

Manacles - lol I was eating Pizza...and it was a bit cold towards the end.  :(

Cheers very much to Eddy n F2S. Thanks alot for your kind words guys.

@F2S - Yeah mate I think Decimate could be really cool boss battle music.
           On Parallels I'm sure I panned the hats but it like I do in most of my other tracks but it sounds like it got messed up in the
           recording...oh wait I might have normalised it in audacity to keep it all level as possible lol duh...there we go.
I really gotta agree with Rob , Sacred Virgo n F2S on this one Eddy.
The one thing that sorta doesnt sit right with me is though you described writing music as being a hobby and thats how it might of started but to be honest alot of the tracks we have heard from someone on a hobby and who didnt take it as seriously...alot of it would have been hit or miss...and yours just have'nt been the case there. Maybe your just burned out , severe writers block etc it happens to us all mate but it would be a shame , a real shame if you quit altogether.
I'm no expert in the matter at all but maybe , take some time...listen to as much music over a couple of months as your brain can manage , some styles that you would'nt think on trying. Just so that when if an when you do decide write something the palette is fresh. I truly hope that the you've not posted your last track...just leave yourself open to it if the urge takes you mate.
Hardcore / Re: Dreamscape-DJ Eddy
June 09, 2011, 12:00:16 AM
Really really like the piano (what I'm guessing is a piano) playing that really cool melody at the intro.
Very nice transition @ 0:20 with the choir pads...lovely big epic intro :) . Nice n smooth into 0:40 , really loving that melody.
WOAH @ 1:03 (didn't realise I had it up so loud lol) massive bass was shaking my speakers. I really love the overall synth sound you get (feel free to reply with the samples you use :) lol ) . Back into the piano @ 1:24. I really love the synth bass @ 1:44.
Breakdown @ 2:28...a variation of the intro with added synth action. 3:08 - bk into it big and bassy...the melody is just so catchy and of those that screams at you " get up and dance like an idiot ! " .
I can tell you one thing...I'll probably have this melody in my head for a while now.
Awesome as always m8.
Cheers AF :) glad you liked em mate.

I really like Decimate and Parallels. Just really depends on my mood at certain times is what clinches it.

Thanks again.
First thing that strikes me is that bass...definately love the meat on it.
Listened to quite a few of your tracks here and on soundcloud and one thing that always stands it to me is your drum work.
Really nice work with drums and percussion here. Very groovy @ 1:05 onwards , the bass with the beat pattern and the guitar ? ...
think its a guitar with an effect on it. Really like the drumwork @ 2:11 alot of interesting percussion an fill work keeping the listener hooked at a breakdown segment.
Overall , definately funky and definately groovy. Nice work AF , keep it coming.
First of , glad to see you bk Rob & congrats on ranking m8.

Everything is just so crisp & clean. I really like that sound you have with the synth from the intro onwards.
I'm not sure if you found the samples mixed them or created but they work really well within the track.
Just a very crisp , clean production , the subtle yet oh sci-fi melodys entice your ears on a journey through space.
Truely brilliant stuff Rob. How long does it take you to create something like this ? 
Thought I'd post the settings in here for future reference , just incase anyone else hears the song and wants to know they can just look here.

Beat Samples ~
I only used kick and it was " Nineteen " I loaded it at 22.

I used three sounds overall for the snare , two from the snare folder and one from the percussion FX folder.
The two snare were " Crisp Syn " & " Brush Metal " both loaded at 22. And the fx one was " Smash Glass " loaded at 11.

I only used one Hi-hat and it was " Good Snick" , I loaded it at (44).

and thats the drums. any other questions feel free to pm. Laters !
Rock/Metal/Pop / Re: ZapoeR - Project Uno
June 06, 2011, 10:41:59 PM
Like Z mentioned its got a very rock/funk sound to it , like some of the distorted , heavier tracks of the RHCP.
Especially like the 0:56 , the mesh of the notes give a really brilliant sound. 1:21 is also really cool.
Hope to hear more material from you and Welcome to site.
Drum & Bass / Re: Time Is Irrelevant-DJ Eddy
June 06, 2011, 10:30:32 PM
Gotta piggy back off Z. That trumpet is the shit ! Plus the synth melody @ 1:32 is catchy as hell.
Excellent drumwork as to be expected from DJ Eddy track.
All in all another brilliant piece of work Eddy.
I believe that was my first "Holy Pancakes" reaction lol

I honestly cannot thank you enough (in any language) for your wonderful comments Rob. I truely hope that one day I might be in some sort of position that people can enjoy the noise I create. But for now , at this moment in time nothing gives me more joy than that feeling when your halfway through a song an you go back to the beginning to play up to what you've written to see if its any good , or needs something more or something needs to be subtracted from the mix , and on the average day I'll need add or subtract , but every so often I'm very lucky an it all falls into place an I get that feeling that I know it'll be a keeper. Something that I'll never ever delete from my memory card.