Knowlesy00 ~ Battle of Asgard

Started by Қлөщłєşү[¤¤], June 13, 2011, 08:45:34 PM

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I realised I'm pretty much neglecting the straight up metal that I used to post up on the Rock/Metal/Pop section.
So with this one I wanted to try an integrate that straight up sound with where I am now. Its all with electric samples
and its kind of hard to pull of riffs as the sample that I use the most does'nt have that much sustain , but I am thinking about bringing out the acoustics again for a couple of tracks or so.

Battle of Asgard - I'd pretty much describe this as a mashup of Nightwish and Iron Maiden...basically symphonic/power metal.

A Drop In The Ocean - One of the boredom beats. Could'nt sleep and found myself passing time playing the guitar and this was the result.

Thats all folks. Ciao. 


u know wat...thats the same way i feel about my horrorcore songs (i havent posted up any in a while) cuz ive been more so posting up techno and dubstep. but anyhoo...i enjoyed these tracks alot.
Battle of Asgard: those power metal guitars are somethin fierce dude.  of course, luv that string work.  also, that break down at 01:25 was pure sickness.

A Drop In The Ocean: Hella peaceful and relaxing.  it kinda reminds me of this song called "It happens in a blink" (i have no i clue who does that song tho).  i really like it when the drums and strings kick in.