Nero's Dubstep Symphony (featuring BBC Philharmonic Orchestra)

Started by Not a Number, June 19, 2011, 08:51:00 PM

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Not a Number

Heard about this on the radio a couple weeks back, and even though I missed the initial broadcast of it, I've managed to find a video of the full performance on YouTube.

It's not exactly the WOBBLE WOBBLE FILTH FILTH that you'd expect it to be, but I think it's pretty damn awesome.


The One and Only, Koolassjoe


Just watched it be honest I was like " hmm I dunno " ... but my god...I just about jizzed a couple of times.

if you want to EPIC skip to -
3:18 ( keep watching )
6:13 ( same deal )

Epic. :) ...thanks for post mate.