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Started by J-MACHine, June 27, 2010, 03:00:05 PM

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And here we go. The first proper, finished track on the album (next to 2902, which was moved to this Album), and it's the titular track, too. This is one big love letter to the tracks i used to hear all the time on my dad's Godskitchen and Ministry of Sound albums (many of which i still listen to), and Dance/Techno as a whole. And i'm insanely proud of it to boot. It's easilly one of the best works i've done in a long, long time.

I wanted something that had a certain 'swing' too it, henceforth the heavy use of a lot of Delays in the beats, and the jumpy background riff that kicks of the track, and makes up one of the 3 parts of the songs main melody. Speaking of the melody, i was going for a heavilly digital sound overall, mixing in some classic strings, and "mid song" (i use the term losely) breakdown, featuring a different synth pattern, a different bass, heavier, more Big-Beat styled drums, and a filtered guitar loop.

I also want to mention, this is one of the quickest songs i've done, sort of; i started the demo, which featured just the intro/first chorus one day, they set it aside for a while, unsure of where to go with it. After recording the demos, i fired up the track again, sat down, and the rest of the song just flowed out of me; i knew exactly how i wanted it to sound, how i wanted to structure it, and how i wanted everything to be mixed. It took about an hour and a half in total. That's one of the reasons i'm so proud of it.

At this point, i can only hope you enjoy listening to it as much as i did making it!
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Master Dutch

really cool track man. Takes you on a little ride.

Hey J are you on youtube yet? Its easy to post your songs in a video. You can download Windows Movie Maker for free from microsoft.com.


Yeah, i'm on youtube, but i don't update my youtube page often. To be honest i can't be fucked with finding images to go along with the song, or indeed dicking about in Movie Maker, when it's easier for me to upload things here, or through MediaFire. Or Last.fm.

Glad you liked the track, though!
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This is great work! I think the effort paid off.
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Thanks! Glad you liked it!
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Casper AudioGhost

hey J-this is a terrific track-and i had to include it in the new renegades mix-cheers   casper
by the way thanks for listening to several of my tracks and commenting much appreciated
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Hey, it's no problem, mate! Where else would i go for kickass sequence basslines and smooth beats without you, eh? XD

And i'm thrilling that you like the track, doubly so that it's being featured in the new mix, too!
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DJ Eddy

Very good and it only took u 1 hour and a half to make...wow.
Some really good meldoies in this and that guitar at 4.00 was trippy but amazing.
Melody at 4.29 was great id love to make some happy hardcore out of that.
i love listening to ur stuff...
Cheers again....


Heh, about that, yeah. I still dunno how i pulled it off.
Hahaha, glad you liked it, Eddy! And good lord, a Happy Hardcore remix of this track done by you would be fucking beautiful. XD
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.:DJ Droppin:.

Crazy intro. The smooth, dreamy melody until :30 was nice. I like the transition at :59 into the main percussion. Nice synth work. Strings @ 1:56 and melody in the background go very well. Transition at 3:45 I was not expecting. Let me wondering "hmmm where we going now... " then it gets trippy... The distorted/guitar reverb sound captures a lot of imagination. The new melody at 4:30 is enjoyable. Overall has a smooth flow/beat.... The pads/strings and synths collide perfectly.
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Hahaha, thanks, Droppin'! I'm happy you liked it. And doubly happy you went into detail about the whole track! Again, thank you!
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Fear 2 Stop®

To be honest, the clipped intro wasn't doing anything for me at first, but when the part at 0:30 kicked in, I was floored. GREAT panning...everything is in its rightful place. The synth bassline is playing a really cool part, and a song could probably be created with THAT as the main melody. The little break at about 2:25 or so...I would've repeated it one more time instead of it being on that once. That way, when the rest comes in about 10 seconds or so later, it would sound that much more epic. Guitar parts are REALLY good...not an easy thing to do in the Music series, as we all well know...
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This to me is well presented, Like the dreamy lead keys nicely accompanies the backing tracks wasn't to sure about the beginning though, well not until the clippy keys came in with the percussion, then it started to pan out nicely....


On both comments: The intro got that reaction from most everyone, and to be honest I'm not too keen on the way it sounds- at least not for the first 28 seconds anyway. I'm not sure what I was thinking at the time, but at least the rest of the track makes up for it.

@ FS2: There was a lot more I wanted to do with the breakbeat section, but I was running out of sample space and some of the things I was trying weren't really working. You can hear that I tried to have a backing synth line going on and slightly panned to the side when the melody kicks in, but no matter what I did it either sounded too loud or it overpowered everything; the result you hear is the best I could really get. And hahaha, if there's one thing I love doing, it's proving that the guitars in M2K CAN be used and have the potential to sound fucking brilliant.

@ Da5t3r: Thanks, mate!
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I...FUCK...ING...LUV...THIS...FUCK...ING...TRACK...O...M...F...G!!!!!!!  i was listening to dat Renegade Mix, and when dis track played (mind u now, i wasn't on da internet, so i didn't see the tracklist and couldn't remember it) i said "oh yea...this is definitely J-MACHine"...then i went on a world wide hunt (via...that huge collection u posted up) for dis track.   now that i found it, i cant stop listening to it.

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