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Started by ArcaneFuture, June 03, 2011, 11:18:08 PM

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Hi, just a quick message to anyone here who is also on SoundCloud - my brother (DeadKousin) and I have set up a group aimed at Music users (of whatever flavour!). I'm hoping to create a bit of cross-pollination between TIMGUL and SoundCloud (since the big audience potential is there and the hardcore Music talent is here!  :D). Admittedly we haven't finished sorting it out entirely, but the membership is growing steadily. Please drop by at:

Not to plug SoundClound too much, but registering and maintaining 120 minutes worth of uploads is free.

Thanks to Knowlesy (share some tracks soon, mate!) and CMG-Utopia for your early support.
DJ Gift / ArcaneFuture

Master Dutch

hey thats cool. I'll link up my account too...

.:DJ Droppin:.

Hey what a brilliant idea here to put our music on a different platform where there is more accessibility for others around the world to listen to. Although I have moved on and no longer use Music Generator/2000 I will post up some of my tracks. As an Admin on TIMGUL we always look for bigger and better things to not only improve the site, but to progress our music, see our artists/members thrive, and just maybe get signed on a label. Creating this group is a great step ahead.
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Sacred Virgo

i joined the group, here's my profile . i'll share a few old MG tracks of mine sooner or later


Thanks for your support, everyone.
As Droppin says - let's hope this raises everyone's profiles and leads to greater things!
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I'm going to visit the site soon...thanks for the info!
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.:DJ Droppin:.

Hey on the SoundCloud group can you please approve my "Searching for Life" track? Thanks.
Bass is a force that defies the universe of logic, time, and space.

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