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Cool, really liked that tune. Which song is that sample from? (Vocal) Can't put my finger on it...don't say 'ask for more'  :P

Will have a go at the download later. Cheers  :D
'ixmdky3iicsg could not be found. Please check the name and try again.'

What I got when clicked on the download here button  ???

Enjoyed yr tune 'ask for more' from the TIMGUL POWER MIX Quade. Not on here as an individual topic? Checked through trance, couldn't see it.
Sounds cool, will check out ASAP.

Yeah this has all got way out of hand now people...was a bit suprised the site was down for a couple of hours. Don't think you need to close the site or stop being the moderator, things have gone really well over the past year. Loads more members, loads of tunes, fun topics, interesting stories. Haven't noticed any hating while i've been browsing so this all came up real quick. Lets start to enjoy the MUSIC again, thats why we all came here to begin with. Just pumped out **RENEGADES OF TIMGUL VOL 2-WE DON'T STOP mixed by audioghost. Now if this site wasn't around, Musical mondays is no more........

Be a shame to lose everyones work. Every1 has an opinion I guess, mine, roll another PHAT ONE..pass it on.

Lovin' it, Bit hard to see if yr colour blind though  ;)

Will spend some time lookin' through yr tunes. Are they all together in 1 place?

Just listened to **RENEGADES OF TIMGUL VOL 2-WE DON'T STOP mixed by audioghost, loads of great tunes I haven't heard plus some instantly recogniseable ones. Good to listen to a variety of styles.
That was quality entertainment, yeah the style change was huge. Loads of artists bringing some great Music to the table. Excellent mix Casper  :D

Loved the start, immediately recognised the 'Pillage' tune. Quade's 'ask for more' was genius, love that vocal sample. Some of the harmonies/melodies through the mix were top notch. Master Dutch with some Big Beats, cool, (reminded me of Tom & Jerry style background Music at the end.)

Like the end too, good vocals man.

Lovin' Musical Mondays, next week, MIX 3  ;D

Looks good, First album has some interesting titles..Evil (nice)

Lots of music, will have to have a deeper look into the world of NaN..excellent  :D

Variations of programmes too, always good.
Cheers for the response on the YT thing. So I should just do what I have been doing, I thought maybe the video would be added to the post to view straight off.

Appreciate the site loads and that you pay hosting fees etc. TIMGUL is a great site which seems to be a firm favourite amongst members and guests alike. I must admit I haven't downloaded tunes from savefiles as its too much hassle, much prefer a 1 click tune i.e Youtube/Reverbnation. Faster + everyone can access.

Hope Quade reposts tunes in a more friendly format, enjoyed his tunes on YT  :D

Thanks mate for the listen, Made the first mix after I finished revolutions. Need to go back to parts 2-6. Update, sound is a little raw. Funky though.
11 videos now in this playlist, workin' on some new stuff.
Didn't see that bit on savefiles..but sounds like you can still use the link then.

How do you do that video upload? pressed the YT button but nothing happened. Upload the tune like you would mp3?
In response to Shellshakas topic/question about Discographies, thought people could post theres here.

I have had mine down for about a year, it's on my Facebook page. 10 albums, all fantasy but it is a catalogue of my created Music dating back to 2000. Most tunes available too.

1. MUSIC2000-147 crew part 1
2. MUSIC2000-147 crew part 2
3. MUSIC2000-147 crew part 3
4. MUSIC2000-147 crew Bonus tracks (2000-2009)
5. Bring on the BASS (2007 to 2008)
6. Sizzler LP (2008)
7. Sting of Tellus (2008)
8. Blazing HARD (2008-2009)
9. the Nasty- Vault of 147 crew (the Vault 2008/09-ongoing)
10. Patterns (2009-onwards)

10 albums over 10 years covering around 140 songs. (Minus the ones I can't remember or have no files.)

I haven't tried any other sites for documenting albums but this seems pretty straight forward

Added a couple of tracks to the vault. the arc hysoo AND Beat DownVSthe Nasty sample which has been added to the main vault.

Pretty nice bass lines, arc hysoo is an older tune. Beat down is brand new remix..metal skeleton..
Here are the samples used for 'Beat DownVSthe NASTY' Extended '09 REMIX  :D

10 minute tune with 24 samples. Some very strange sounding ones but might be good for future use?


mean stuff


hard gate
ultra gate
perky studio




Well hard
fuzz lead
nasty five
squealer 2


sub square


good snick
dry close
nine choral
high ride
low sticks

link for 'Beat Down' video

link for 10m mp3
ALAS, another tune has been Condemned. A 10m mix of 'Beat Down' Too many mad samples to be starting over, but, I have started a remix. Sample up soon.

The Vault's Condemned tunes are on page 2.
Drum & Bass / Re: Beat Down- (the NASTY '09 Remix)
February 20, 2009, 05:59:56 PM
pretty mean NASTY  :D

Thanks bud, always welcome!
Best news so far this year  :D

Well happy. Cheers!!
Drum & Bass / Re: Beat Down- (the NASTY '09 Remix)
February 19, 2009, 11:53:23 PM
Quality, lovin' MUSIC2000. My next tune- 'The Nasty VS Beat Down VS Metal Skeleton'

Have to check TIMGUL INSTRUMENTS make sure I have included some of the samples, Nasty five is in there n i'm sure thats in Metal Skeleton.

Using a lot of Triplet (echo) and Autopan effects.

Will check out yr vid  :D

Drum & Bass / Re: Beat Down- (the NASTY '09 Remix)
February 19, 2009, 09:50:27 PM
Great for experimenting, all I do really. Never actually fully completed a track as i'm never happy.

Don't think I used the zipper effect for this tune, most of the 'wobbly' sounds are made in Note Volume Envelope. 18 points like a zig zag. Close together/far apart, trial n error really.

Used the Zipper and or Zap effect in 'Blow yr Horn' Sounds ok, but makes a lot of samples sound the same I found. Not used it a lot.

Appreciate the comment.

Is the 'Four tet' Tune yr latest? On YT I mean, still to listen...DnB??
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