Irndemon - The Blitz - Neurofunk (youtube link) Fl Studio 8

Started by Irndemon, February 05, 2009, 04:13:34 PM

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This is my latest track,Dark funk,Techy

Looking forward to the Metal Skeleton Super Mix ! ! ! :D


Loved this, especially being a Bachelor of the Arts apprentice! (Training to be a Historian to you and I :P) I have FL Studio now, it sounds amazing for instruments so I'll probably have a go in it later.

Super Mix is currenty being uploaded, so I'll post soon ;D


This is amazing Indemon, was it made with 2000? Did you sample the snares or are they in-game sounds? It really does sound professional mate! Awsome samples, that beat is f***in immense!!!

Yeah, top, top tune pal 5/5 all the way and I`m not even that big a DnB fan! I really am amazed, that was awsome.

(PS. My bro was in the room when I was listening to this and wanted to know who it was because (in his own words) "it`s a tuuuuuuuuuuuuune!!!"  ;D
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 :) Thanks!!...But this was made using fl studio 8 xxl (i wish it was m2k though)

Respect to the bruv,.....And yourself of course.  ;D


Yeah wicked tune mate. Your rinsing it out with fl studio!
The plane sample has got real depth to it,like its 'close-distant' rather than pan left-right. Superb in headphones!Did you do that or is that just how the sample was? I love messing about with stuff like that. Distance in music is v hard to do!
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Cheers stonecold!! I got the plane sample along with the other war sounds from various free sample sites,The plane sample was cool,Sounded very realistic,...It came with the stereo effects etc,I too like messing with the volume and stereo of samples. :)

EDIT: Oops Almost forgot....Thanks jcw...If you use the pc version of mtvmg then i suppose you could make synth sounds in fl to use in it.


 :D Thanks!! Thats it,...Grooverider,Edrush&optical,ect...All the neurofunk pioneers from a decade ago  :)