B-Boys Takeover(instrumental) by Weapons Division(stonecold)

Started by stonecold, March 05, 2009, 01:53:01 AM

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Not sue if this is the right section...could be classed as hip hop too.
Breakdance track, oldskool style with a future twist.
Found a nice clean break,imported it. Knocked it up in about 2 hours, and im really pleased with it.
Theres a few dropouts(?) but nothing major.
Im gonna add some vocoder vox later on for an even more electro sound,but here's the instrumental.
Enjoy B-Boys!

Created on music2000 ps. Old outboard compressor used to get that 'punch'

youtube :- www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-Ywm4kxMgA&fmt=18

192kbps mp3 below
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Casper AudioGhost

omg this is outstanding!!!i can not tell this is a music seris track it's just tooo cool like a fatboy slim mix kinsa like propellerheads too,10/10.a work of art                             casper
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DJ Ryznup

That was awesome. Love the breaks, and you captured that oldskool B-Boy Funk perfectly.
I can easily imagine B-Boys breakin to this. It almost makes me want to get up and do a little breakin myself ;D.

Great production.

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holy shit, that was class! thats one mega phat B-line you got there man,  awesome production dude, the beat at 1;23 ish was deep, real bad boy feel to this, if i had it on my ipod as im walking the streets i would feel super untouchable  ;D great tune


no fucking way! not even close to music 2000! brilliant! a whole lot a flowing grooviness, with added spice! you are the best constructor of beats and bass!


Dude! That was f***in awsome!!!!

Did you create the beats or is it a sample? This sounds nothing like Music 2000 man, I`m speachless!

One could say it was really rather dapper.  ;)
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Wow thanks all! Im gonna have to do a making of vid for all my stuff at this rate lol!

Ok... i cant take full credit for some of the beat as i used a sample(1 bar lasting about 2 seconds)from a legit cd. I trimmed it up spot on and was able to 'loop' it in the effect edit so it would go a full 8 blocks without drifting bpm which was cool for stretching out the 'radio' phase filter which was added over it(near the start of the track). I cut it up 'amen' style in the break sections using sample start mods.
The kick in the sample was so good i didnt need to add another but i added some tams and tabla in some sections to get that 'apache break' sound.
I used a compressor when recording it which u can really hear punch in at 0.29... powww!

Imported samples:- 1 bar beat - 44khz, the voice at the start - 22khz
The rest is all music2000. (i had do delete the cool voice sample after recording cos i filled the mem card up!)
Thanks again guys.
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.