Heart Break (FL Studio 7)

Started by Unforgotten Village Idiot, March 01, 2009, 10:47:42 PM

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Unforgotten Village Idiot

A slow house based song made with Fruity Loops Studio 7. For those of you that heard my music like a year ago would be able to see the resemblance. Its sounds a lot nicer then my older stuff.  :)

Title-Heart Break

CD- The Sea Of Love

Year Of Release- 2009
I am The Unforgotten.


 :) Nice...I like the bass and that gritty synth.

I also use Fl Studio as does JCW...

Unforgotten Village Idiot

yeah i always use that synth. People know that synth as being the "Benny Benassi Synth"
Ever since i started using FL Studio, its just been weird using the MUSIC programs again. They are really nothing alike. If i wanted to start using Music Generator again it would be another fresh start for me, because, i somewhat forgot how to use that program.  ;)
Well im glad you like it, i'll be uploaded more soon.
I am The Unforgotten.

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