Roland TR-909

Started by DaveM, March 04, 2009, 07:57:31 AM

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The Roland TR-909 is a legendary sampler and sequenzer from the 80s. And I have read, that Music 2000 contains the original samples of it. The legendary techno sample machine costs 1500-2000 € on the second hand market. And a lot of sounds I have heard are really the same. If it is true, that this is the same, we can say we are good by collecting our money with Music 2000.

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Yeah, you're right. And actually, I find myself spending an inorbinate amount of time editing samples to sound like analogue synths.
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I've been searching for a cheap keyboard, no luck so far but my melodies will be greater when I find one.


 :) And also sounds of the legendary Roland TB-303..... Put the two together & we have Acid techno!  :D


Also there are 606 and 808 sounds on here as well. One of the 808 claps is spot on(il check back later with a sample name) and 'formant' sounds like a meatier 808 kick but has a long bass tail which can cause probs getting a bassline to sit nice over it.

The 'wanna dance' sample is a 909 sound. Very 80's!
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