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Started by DJ Omnimaga, June 29, 2008, 07:43:50 AM

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Ok so I decided I would post a poll for the PC version of Music 2000, since it works differently and offers more than the Playstation version.

As you might remember I have rated Music 2000 PS1 9/10. However, I rate the PC version 2/10. I almost felt like rating 1/10. Even MTVMG3 got a better rating from me (4/10). Here's why below.

THe good thing about the PC version is that there's now 99 sound channels instead of 24, much more sound memory avaliable, saving/loading is faster and you can now import wav files, meaning you no longer have to burn your samples on CDs then import using the CD sampling feature (altough this feature is still present).

This brings a lot more possibilities for music producing and all this could have made Music 2000 PC the best Jester's music program ever. However, all the flaws in the programs makes it even worse than MTV Music Generator 3. In MTVMG3 there was so many limitations, but at least you could still do awesome songs in it in about 3 hours. In Music 2000 PC there's myriads of possibilities, but it's barely useable at all! First of all, the program crashes a lot. If you have the second version of Music 2000 PC called Music 2002 Club Edition it will be better but it will still crashes a lot, and you'll encounter an annoying bug that cause song to play at 0 BPM, meaning it won't even play at all. I did not had this happen in the original version though, but the many crashes, especially in XP makes the software annoying to use. Also, a windows user will get lost in the controls. All essential and common Windows shortcuts used in almost all apps for this platforms are not present in Music 2000 PC. Jester decided to put their own, or remove some essential ones altogether. On windows you could have selected an area, pressed CTRL+C then pasted with CTRL+V (or a click) but in Music 2000/2002 PC you can't do that. You need to select an area by either figuring out what's the secret shortcut to select area or going through the huge menu to select the option there. Riff editor is a chore to use, to delete a note the easiest way is to click on it, press Del, click the other note, press del, etc. Sometimes it doesnt work so you need to reclick, press del until it works. Also, reverb effects are mono, like in Music 3000. They are better of course, coming from the PS1 version of Music 2000, but they lose a lot of their quality in mono sound. A bug also causes the first channel of riffs you edit to get locked down sometimes, meaning it won't let you add any notes on the first channel of any riff until you save, exit, restart then load. If you don't restart you have to start your riffs edition on the 2nd channel, meaning for one channel riff you need to make it two channels high. The controls are very horrible in overall too. You will always end up spending 10 seconds doing something you did in half a second on the PS1 version.

As for the wav importing, it's quite challenging to use too. If your wav file isn,t saved in 16 bit PCM, it won't load at all it seems. Plus, all wav files takes two sample slots, and since the sample limit is 99 it gets filled pretty quick.

Basically they tried to make a software using mouse, but still kept keyboard usage essential. With all the bugs and glitches it has too, it makes it even harder to use than Ejay or professional softwares such as FL Studio.

Music 2002 has more samples than Music 2000 and some very cool ones (that are in Music 3000 too like Technosawrus I think), but all original premade riffs seems missing and the new samples won't help the fact this program is barely possible to use at all. I tried making a few songs in it, and I gave up.

So yeah, 2/10. The 2 points are only because of the load of options, less restrictive sound memory and the ability to load samples from wav files. Else, don't bother. Get the PS1 version instead or get MTVMG2

EDIT: Music 2002 also gets the same score from me

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It's that bad, huh?

Wow, and I just found a torrent to it as well (though you need an account for it; and registrations are closed. :P).

i can has mtvmg4 jester?


yeah it's really bad. I congratulate those who can keep up with this software and those who have no problem  with it (probably have WIndows 95, 98, ME or 2000). Even Music 3000/Digital hitz Factory for PS2 doesn't have that many bugs x.x

I am glad my copy of it (Music 2002) only costed $5 with shipping lol.

And I doubt MTVMG4 will come out anytime soon, unless COdemasters decide to do another one. It would be cool though, providing they won't do it like MTVMG3 x.x

Maybe if they notice this site and see lot of ppl still use Music 2000 they will think about it lol

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Just as a form of making sure (because I seem to have lost the manual for M2KPSX), the reverb isn't that "########" thing, isn't it? Thus it's still possible to get a form of Stereo using Red/Yellow Stereo methods. (If not, I know a simple solution in Audacity)


yeah it's the same thing, if you change it to yellow square. However in Music 2000 PC even with yellow square the sound is still mono, unlike on the PSX version. I know about the audacity thing though, but sometimes it doesn't sounds too good especially with tracks with more bass

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I'm unsure of how you got your version of MTVMGPC, but having recently *ahem* "acquired it", I've been having trouble setting it up.

(admittedly it's an ISO image file)
I mount the image file onto my second disc drive with DAEMON Tools and I can go to My Computer and select the emulated drive (for me it's F:) and all I get is a dialog box saying that it's checking for DirectX 7. I click OK and nothing happens. It closes and that's it.

I know I have DirectX v9.0c, so how come it's not working? Should I just burn the image onto an actual disc?


I think you need to explore the CD and there should be a file to set it up manually. Keep in mind the CD must be in everytime you want to use Music 2000 though (or the ISO mounted on Daemon Tools or similar softwares)


Yeah, I believe it works better if you install it from a disc, but you can just mount the image, afterwards, to run it.

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Opened the ISO file with WinRAR, extracted into new folder and hit setup.exe.
It works now. \o/

(God, it only needs 16 or 32MB RAM, freaking awesome.)
Haven't been going through the program and making stuff as I would in the PlayStation version, but it looks promising.
Should that Yellow Stereo method not actually work, then I can just make it pseudo-Stereo in Audacity.


I hope it works for you. It might be because my comp is too recent (2005). It might only work perfectly on older comps with older OS installed.

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Well, my PC's pretty much of the same era as yours (we got this one back in November '04).

I don't think the Yellow Stereo method'll work; I tried and I think it still sounded mono.
Oh well, I can make do with a mixture of Red and Psuedo. :)

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I have to disagree. Having the PC version allows me so much freedom the PSX version doesn't allow. I used the PSX version to do my first two solo debut albums and used the PC version for everyone afterwards. And I honestly gotta say since using the same exact program since 99, I'll give the nod to the PC version. But you're right about the bugs. Mine doesn't hardly crash at all though I can't get back into a saved file and I'm still trying to figure that one out now.
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