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Hey, me and buddy had this awhile back - He burned it for me but the disk won't work at all

He actually died in a car wreck about 3 years ago - so there's no way to get the game from him obviously

I need another PC version of this game or a WORKING bootleg

I love the game!!!!!

Anyone have any info?


There is no permission to offer any kind of illegal downloads on TIMGUL whatsoever I'm afraid, however I can reveal I downloaded a Torrent of MTV MG/Music 2000 and use it to make my music nowadays. Not too hard to find. Sadly that's all I can say about this good luck.


Yes, after searching for awhile, i did find the Torrent download for MTV MG. But i don't want virus's out the yingyang

Anyone else know where i can get a good copy of it?

There's 1 on eBay right now, for $100 - ya right!


shit $100! i would never had thought it would cost that much! im afraid i cannot recommend due to the nature of timgul... i do however have a spare copy of music 2000 for the ps.....


Wow - $100!!!

I remember being in Wal-Mart, some years ago, and seeing dozens of copies sitting on the $10 shelf.

If only I'd have known......

I didn't even own a computer, at the time, so it didn't cross my mind to even pick up one copy.

I did, eventually, get a copy "the other way", but it crashed my crappy, old system.  I'll have to wait until I can get a computer that was manufactured in this millennium before I can try using it, again.


I bought mine a year back from amazon (second hand) Cost me £1.99 :) However iv only ever made 2 tracks with it cos it crashes all the time.If u got older pc say win 95/98 its ok but my xp system randomly freezes up. The only thing i love about the pc version is the sampling. I imported a whole pre sliced acappella lasting about 3 min into it. Took me about 3 weeks to complete though :( Paste riff-SAVE, create riff-SAVE, edit riff-SAVE lol!
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If you cannot find Music 2000/MTVMG for the pc there is also Music 2002 Club Edition. It's practically the same thing, but the interface is mostly purple and yellow instead of blue and green, it has about 4000 more samples (from the PS2 game Digital Hitz Factory/Music 3000) in addition of all original Music/Music Generator samples. It's also officially XP compatible since it was released after XP came out, unlike MTVMG1. However, it doesn't includes any of the pre-made riffs from Music 2000 nor the demo songs. The premade riffs and demo songs are all new.

Else there is always the PS1 music 2000/generator plus ePSXe plus eternal SPU sound plugin option if your pc is fast enough. There's some threads about it on the forums if you search. However it is a PITA to setup and to record music

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I, er, got MTVMG1PC via torrent (won't say where here) and I haven't been using it as much as I would the PSX version. (mainly due to that I've gotten used to the controls of the emulator and the PC version's a little fiddly compared to the PSX version.

Ah well, can't get it perfect can we?


Ok so i'm still wondering where to get the game and what would be my best option. I was really good using MTV MG1 on 98, but as you addressed, my problem would be XP now.

Music 2000? Is this program very similar to the MTV MG? I would be really interested in this if it is, and would like to know where i can purchase it

Thanks all for your input

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They're one and the same. Music 2000's just the name it was released under in Europe.

Also, I use XP myself and MTVMGPC works just fine. (Service Pack 3; the lastest verison)


True, Music 2000=MTV Music Generator (with a few differences, such as more demo songs and bigger screen) and Music 3000=Funkmaster Flex Digital Hitz Factory

MTVMG PC crashes randomly for no reasons sometimes, but if you save often you should be fine. For me Music 2002 seemed to crash less often though.

Also for SP3 what's the main difference with SP2? I heard SP3 keeps bugging you to switch to vista, kinda like an ad, is it true?

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Haven't had anything different about it. Just a load of bug fixes I guess.

Only problem I actually had with switching to SP3 was a custom XP theme I use; but that got sorted out within the day. Everything works just fine.


Ok so just hold out till i see a copy of MTV MG for PC slung around somewhere and pick it up?


yeah pretty much. Also look for Music 2002 Club Edition. If you find Music 2002 first, get this one, it's practically the same thing with a different look. It only came out in Europe but I got it from Ebay for about $5 with shipping included last summer

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Even though it was only released in Europe, will it work on a US computer?
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yeah, I bought it from an UK seller and it works pretty well on my canadian/north-american PC.


for how many years i'm looking for it, but i wasn't able to, untill 3 months ago i download it from a torrent which was a good copy and i'm using it now, it works great... its impossible to find it here in the middle east...


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I've had this game on PC for several years. Have created 7 albums and so use the program quite a lot. It was working perfectly on Vista. But recently my laptop crashed and when i reinstalled the program, i cannot get it to start. Double clicking on the 'play Music 2000' icon does nothing no matter where it is.  I imagine there's a hardware conflict between something installed later or even a firewall, but it is weird because i can't think of what that might be, and i have not had any issues with it until this time.

Would anybody be able to help me?

FIXED. Just had to run as administrator.

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Welcome onionmaster :).

Glad to hear that you were able to get it working again on Vista, I ran into some of the same problems as you did when I first tried to install mine too.

Hope to hear some music from you soon.

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