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Started by DaveM, January 22, 2009, 04:00:46 PM

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Hello friends of Music 2000!

I'm Dave and DJ Omnimaga knows me since more than one year. Because I'm the administrator of the german forum www.music2000-forum.de.vu
Unfortunately there are not so many discussions as we find here. That's because I registered myself here. I procuced my first tracks with music 2000 eight years ago. And today I try to learn and find more in the work with this very secret software. I think with Music 2000 you have two options. You can laugh about it or you can just know, what potential it has, if you really can use it.

I think I will read a lot of topics here and ask some things. Even if I have some years of practising with Music 2000, I don't know everything. And if you have a question, maybe I can give you a useful response.

Casper AudioGhost

it's a pleasure to have you here dave:) looking forward to hearing your tracks and your input.i agree with you about the potential of music 2000(and some of the other music programs)most of us have developed our own independent methods of production thru isolation and experimentation.other softwares may have bells and whistles and this and that but the basic tools for composition in music 2000 are to the point,user friendly,no hassle,and endlessly variable.welcome m8                                   casper
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Wow, welcome to TIMGUL Dave very excited to have you here.

And I 100% agree Casper.


Next time I can show a brand new track, I wrote some years ago, and few days ago prepared with Music 2000.



Welcome to TIMGUL Dave, looking forward to hearing your music.
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Hello Dave. Im sure you will like it here.
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