Making RocknRoll oder Blues possible?

Started by DaveM, January 22, 2009, 04:29:36 PM

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I was just wondering as I tried to do some blues tracks or Rock 'n' Roll or maybe Ryhthm and Blues. I just had to give up. Although I love this music and have a feeling with it, I couldn't do it with Music 2000. I tried a lot of things to create a right beat for a blues track. (If I could make a blues song on the channels, I could do RocknRoll automatically, because it is sometimes almost the same by drumming, just faster).

It is not difficult to make a techno-beat with music 2000.
A simple rockbeat with a bassdrum is possible of course, too! Because that is easy working like a clock. But a blues beat is more "humanized", and I just wanted to ask, how I could work on it, to find a real RocknRoll or blues beat. This "repeatbox" in the riff editor makes it also possible, to start the sample later. I think there I must find a way. But still couldn't find it. Often the beat just "almost" was right, but at least it made no "mathematical" sense on the objects. And it never had a real "rhythm" or groove.

Then I tried to make a "metronom"click, to find the right beats per minute time. And I wanted to set the right drumbeat on it. Even that failed. Did somebody create a track like this or knows how to put the samples to a beat like I want?


I know exactly what u are talking about. Swing/shuffle rhythm is quite hard to figure out. There are a few ways to do it,in various amounts of swing. Im just goin to check a track i did using swing and reply later with an explination (unless somebody beats me to it!) :)
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.


Iv'e tried but it doesn't ad up mathmaticaly as you can see below,But you can always settle for the next best thing which doesn't sound half bad.

Ok so there are 4 beats per 1 bar
Each beat has space to place 4 notes
You want 3 notes per every beat(triplet)
When you constuct your beats,If you use the note repeat settings below for each note you place be it a snare, kick,hihat etc.You should end up with swing.

Here is how i would set the note repeat for each 3 notes(triplet) of every beat(4 notes)
1st note of a beat
2nd note of a beat
3rd note of a beat
It seems imposible to get perfect triplet in m2k........Unless that >>3 thing above where you place the note repeats has somthing to do with it?! There is 16 notes per bar 16 divided by 3 = 5.3....could move the note repeat foward that .3

X marks the spot BTW :P

Here is an short example i made in a few minutes,Increase the volume on the right,...ThenJust press play!!  Jazzstep DnB Style!


Irndemon  !  As I downloaded this I thought "That won`t be very good..." But it has blown me away! How did you do that? I must say it is not easy for me to understand everything of the english language! Can you post screenshots of the riff editor? That shows, it is possible to do EVERY beat I guess. And which Samples did you use? You are good with working on music 2000! I could not figure out that kind of beat until I asked you.

And what bpm did you chose?


I made this example in a few minutes (half an hour)Lol...As soon as id finished recording it i switched off the playstation without saving....But i can still remember some of the details about it.

I set the bpm at 180,I used "Military" from the snare section played Nearly half way up octave 5 (can't remember exactly)
I used "jazzy" from the snare section Layered with and played 2 notes below "military"

For kick drum i THINK i used "Punchy" and played this nearly half way down octave 4

The hihat i used i think was "nine toppy" played 2 keys up on octave 5

I also used a tom which i THINK was called "high" played somwhere on octave 5

And for bass i used "Upright" from the bass acoustic section.

The cymbal at the end was "Jazz Master"

I also used "ROOM" reverb setting 42-42 from the start then "HALL" reverb setting 42-42 right at the end for the cymbal.

As for screen shots,..That might be a problem because it would take far to many shots to capture the Note Repeat Settings for each note...But i can quite easily make a VIDEO showing me recreating this rythm.That wouldn't be a problem.Except i dont know how to upload a video directly on to TIMGUL.


upload a vid just as you would do a song (message options - atach file) Got to be under 6 meg though. You can atach multiple uplaods though,so maybe do it in parts. I know how to do triplet and swing but this would be a great insight for peeps who need a bit of help.
Nice one mate.
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.