Getting a real good snaredrum sample

Started by DaveM, February 09, 2009, 11:11:28 AM

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I had already told you in another thread, that in my opinion it's very difficult to find a really good snaredrum. Because if you want to make a real good song, maybe to public it must sound amazing! And I found a combination of two snaredrums, which connect their sounds to one amazing snaredrum. Of course it's only my feeling of a good snaredrum.

But I think it's almost a good secret to show you that, because you can't tell people all of your tricks to make your own sound. But here I want to break my habits:

All samples of course in 44 khz. Load Snaredrum "SPLASHY" to your list. Pull the volume down to 50%. Then load the snaredrum "SHORTHISS" to another slot of your list. Don't change its sound. Then copy "SHORTHISS" and mix it 1:1 to the "SPLASHY".

Now hear if you like this. I think this is a really good professional snare sample now without loading from an audio CD!


I'll have to check this out but nice find DaveM.


 Definitely gonna check this out,...Us Drum n Bass boys love a good snare layering combo!!  :D

Another Very good combo is:

"Ultra Gate" .......On octave 5..... first white key......Long release volume envelope setting.

Layered with:

"909 Open Hat"..........On octave 4........Fourth white key up........Short gate volume envelope setting.

Sound GREAT using yellow note on all....... "ROOM" Reverb setting anywhere between 30 & 40 Both stats.

Gives a hard,Clean, Metal,Techstep.. type sound  ;D

Any more snare or kickdrum combos,Or complete custom built Kits......We would like to hear them!!!!!! Seriously  :)