Surely not that much crashing...

Started by TPT, July 19, 2009, 12:57:02 PM

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From what i gather, everyone has experienced Music 3000 crashing a lot. I've been using it on my ps2 for a few months, made quite a few tunes and its only ever crashed once. Is there another version of m3k that is the crashmonster, like a pc version or something, or have i just been really lucky?


In my experiences, I used Music 3000 from 2004/5 until 2008 and it only ever crashed on me about five times in that period, usually when I was 'rushing' around trying to copy, paste, select things, sometimes hitting the wrong key in the cycle menu and things like that. When I was just taking it at an easy pace it was 100% fine. Other than that sometimes it froze on loading a song.

Music 2000 for PC is highly unstable, there is no Music 3000 for PC as far as I know of other than an PS2 emulation.

Sacred Virgo

let's see, it usually crashes when you...
- overwrite a file when saving. the file gets corrupted very often, unless you change the file name
- try to customize the panning or the sample volume.  if you use pre-made settings it usually doesn't crash
- load a sample from the sample library when you have already loaded lots of samples


Cheers for the info. Seems to be part luck and part co-incidence that it hasn't crashed for me so often.

But ever since I heard about the crashing, I've backed up near enough after every riff change :)