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Started by pillagemyvillage, January 22, 2008, 08:58:58 PM

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just thought id start a new topic regarding hints/tips for making new tracks!

something i learned from producing on music 2000 was using the 'wavey' line box in the top right corner of the riff editor. forgive me as i dont know the name of the icon but its above all of the note effects and note envolpe boxes.
if you select the 'wavey' (lol) box when you have a sample placed in the riff and put the new 'wavey' note on top of the normal sample the sound can be very unique and also sound a million times better than the original loaded sample! also try adjusting the new 'wavey' notes volume for a different degree of effects.


yeah i remember the AM channel. I wish that was more documented I never got able to understand how it modify the sound ^^


ah thankyou the AM channel! im not sure how it works but if used it really changes the sample sound. ive done it with piano c4 and it sounded really synthy! i think changing the volume of the AM note makes a big difference...


mhmm piano... i wonder maybe i could manage to get a 70s  style piano or like in hapy hardcore, that would rule, but now to find a good sample combination...


yeah i loaded up some old music 2000 tracks today and i noticed i had used piano c4 with the AM channel activated. the note sounded nothing like a piano more like an awesome harsh synth! it has inspired me to try more samples out and make a track!!  :lol:  


The low pass/hi pass filters could always help on the piano tho, but then the sample takes the entire memory :(


another tip for producing...
apparently you should always name your track before starting work on it.
for example, if you call your track 'beautiful sunrise' we can all picture that image.
then with that image in your head all your emotions and experiences of that image will be put into your music. everything from the arrangement to the style.
it can help in giving you inspiration at the start of your track and then help in giving your track direction and an ending.
it also helps in deciding what samples you will use.
'beautiful sunrise' would probably be quite a chilled piece, whereas 'beautiful sunset' would probably be a bit more banging/upbeat!
i had never done this before a couple of months ago, but i do it all the time now.
i now get better results from my music this way  :D


for some reasons only the opposite seems to work for me  and even afterward I can't even name the track  :blink:  


hmm yeah i used to have this problem!
personally i mess around with some melody find something that works and then think of the title. when ive thought of the title that helps me with the direction of the track.
with 'sunset chasers' the melody in the breakdown is quite trancey and chilled for the 'sunset' part and then a little more banging for the 'chasers' part!
all in all giving a title around the start helps to give me more ideas and a direction of where i want the track to go!  :D  

Casper AudioGhost

here is a tip for basslines.a one block riff grid has 16 blocks.i pick a cool synth bass sample like sawtooth or whatever and i adjust the not envelope to a short attack.the ii place my notes in the 5th octave in one key let's say C and every 3rd note i place a C in the 6th octave.ok listen to that.now another trick is to resize the riff to another channel and place a 6th octave note one note above the original key  here is an example-

  6   6  6   6   6       

try that and see what you get  hope i explained it right                    casper
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I was thinking about using that at one point in an eurodance song I had in head, providing I dont forget the idea while making it x.x, I liked your bass in velvet

147 crew

How about cutting the real airy sound in note repeat,(When you change from red to yellow.) in MUSIC2000. Change depth setting?


you need to mess around with the reverb settings indeed. Some effects (like Hall) only let you change the depth though

Frozen bells

Yes also, i know tips, one is to create mix samples:

use 1 sample of per example, sawtooth and mix whith sizzlead, and makes the mix -12 harmony

or an another mix, go for it:

catch the 909 kick 1 and mix whith the 808 tom an increase the note +12

pd: Please any know the way to make filters in move whith the band pass or hi pass filters.

i know the tip of flanger, all lfo to the max, and the sound torns gragle an mad  ::)

Not a Number

Here's the way I set up the drums in Parabol(a). Chances are I should really have the toms going in the other direction, but I play instruments cackhanded anyway so it don't matter. :D
All samples are at 22kHz except the hats and cymbals which are at 44kHz.

Instr            Sample    Note       Pan         Volume
KickFloor it 1C0%255
Hat (open)Cheap openC50% Right153
Hat (closed)Cheap closedC50% Right075
SnareChunkyC0% Center255
Tom HIGHDryD100% Right255
Tom HI-MIDDryC50% Right255
Tom MIDAcousticD0% Center255
Tom LOWAcousticC50% Left255
Tom FLOORAcousticB (octave lower)100% Left255
Cymbal (Crash)*F#50% Right255
Cymbal (Ride)Ride Hit High(?)**C50% Left***

I should also mention that I did NOT put any reverb on these. One thing I've found is that, for a good studio sound, there should be NO reverb put on any of the drums. It makes it sound too echo-y. Leaving it on plain ol' Red Mono makes it sound a lot more natural.

* I can't remember off the top of my head.. it's originally from the default riff "Cymbal Hi Rite".
**It was either "Ride Hit High", "Ride Hit Mid" or "Ride Hit Low"... one of those
***I distinctly remember turning down the volume of this one, but I can't recall how far I turned it down.. I think as far as 075.