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Started by pillagemyvillage, February 16, 2008, 11:25:27 PM

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the original and best!
i spent virtually my entire life on this programme.
ive always loved dance music but never had the means to buy the best technology. so when music 2000 was released it was perfect for me.
after a few years of making mostly rubbish, i started to get results.
i used to edit the pre made riffs and learn alot from them too such as making drum loops and melody.
eventually i made music all from my own thoughts and ideas.
ive progressed onto mtvmg2, but the music i make now on mtvmg2 wouldnt be anywhere close to good without what i learnt from music 2000!  :lol:  


There is another Jester/Codemaster program before Music 2000 called MUSIC, but I find 2000 to be the best, because the controls are easy, there is quite a good sample database and it's less buggy than MTVMG2/3000 (altough it still have some glitches and occasional crashes)

I voted 10 too

For the first PC version I would vote 2 though, because it crashes all the time and the controls are terrible.

For the second PC version (Music 2002 Club Eddition: Slinky) I would go 2. The controls are as bad as the first version, but it doesn't crash as often and the new added samples are uber awesome.  However there seems to be more bugs...

Casper AudioGhost

mtv music generator 1/music 2000 psone version obviously has a cult following,the extent of which is now becoming evident.before i bought this progam for $19.95,i was using 2 old early 90's yamaha keyboards wiith programmable memory and a casio sampler from 1988 connected to a mixer.mmg 1 changed every thing for me,after 6 months of learning it i was using it like a champ.i love mmg1 it can teach music to beginners who study the guts of premade riffs 10/10
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Not a Number

I'd probably say it's a 9/10.

Mostly because yes, it has a better GUI than say, FL Studio (which I'm still learning the ropes of) but unfortunately, it's fairly limited with what samples you want depending on how complex you want your songs to be.
Of course, I'm referring to the PSX version, having not owned the PC version.



The best of the bunch by far. It's a massive and powerful tool for its time and price.

I remember several bands using this software getting signed by record labels. The most successful in Norway was a group called Tøyen. I also recognised the samples and riffs for the soundtrack in a porn movie once, lol.

What I really like about this software is the versatility. I have created everything from metal to eurodance, and for the past 8 years or so my main focus has been on making music inspired by videogames. Sure, it is not pro quality samples, but still it gets the creative juices flowing!


10/10. (psone)
It can still hold its own against fl studio and acid not just in a creative intuative sense,but in hearing the end result. Part of its greatness for me is making music on a 9 year old 'game' with LOTS of limitations(compared with modern pc based sequencer/samplers)........Getting around them, and making tracks that sound awsome.
When a friend comes over and loves your new tune do you tell them 'yeah i made this with a kids game on that clapped out playstation over there"....or not?
I'd rather be a nobody, than a somebody who 'nearly' made it.