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Started by iku, March 01, 2008, 04:27:12 PM

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Please help me...  :(

I would like to add to my new song a voice of speaking robot.
I only use music 2000 and I`m not sure if it is possible with this kind of software.
I know there is a plenty of spoken words in music 2000, but I don`t know how to modify them in order to sound like the voice recorded with vocoder. I don`t know if it is right, but I call it - robotic voice.
Here is short sample of the sound I would like to make:
sample.mp3 - 0.45MB
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Try Speaksonia or similar programme. I heard somewhere from a guy a while ago that his then girlfriend got it from a [size=8]shareware[/size] site


Thanx a lot, but I would like to make it by using my music 2000 cd.
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have you tried messing around with the filters?
low pass, high pass etc?
if you trial and error you may be able to push out a cool sound...
also the am channel is good for messing with samples!


Ok, I`ll try to fiddle with that filters, but it is confusing for me, because when I modified a sample of spoken word and then I wanted to undo it, the sample didn`t turn back into its original sound, so I had to download it again and again... .

I haven`t used the AM channel yet, because I don`t know how.
It isn`t clear for me and the manual of Music 2000 doesn`t give me enough info how to use it.
I don`t like to bother you Pillagemyvillage, but could you give me some step by step advice, please?
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well you dont have to worry about bothering me... its no prob!
oh and its adam if you want!

when i use effects and filters etc on mtvmg2 i am able to access the sample editor apply the required filter (eg reverse and low pass filter) and then play the new sound over and over. if i dont like it i can cancel and return to the original sample sound and try again. i cannot remember if you are able to do this with music2000... can you not apply the filters etc in the sample editor screen and then play the sample to see if you like it and not have to return to the riff editor screen?
if not it will be difficult but applying filters to samples really is cool.
it will take alot of trial and error to learn it all but the results are worth it!

i have spoken about the am channel elsewhere on this website...
i dont use music2000 any more but i seem to remember using the am channel alot as it produced a unique sound!
basically select a sample... place in a new riff... select the am channel for the new note... the note will double up... the am note will have no volume... without volume the note will still produce a different sound but if you turn the volume of the am channel up, you will get a variety of different sounds which can sound really cool... i did this for piano c4 and the end result was a harsh synth sound!!

creating a 'robotic' voice will be difficult and im not sure if its possible but messing with filters and the am channel will definatly produce some great effects anyway!  


Sorry Adam for expressing my idea in a wrong way.
I wanted to say that when I applied a filter to a sample and then I clicked on "undo" I could return to the original sound of sample but the parameters of filters, which I had changed,  remained as changed. They didn`t turn into previous parameters but the sound of sample sounded like the original one.
It`s annoying. :angry:

Thanx for helping me with the AM channel. I have just tried it and have used piano too, and it is really cool. I like it. I wonder why it wasn`t explained in the manual. Now it is clear for me.  B)  
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They rushed the manual for MTV MG, you can tell. There is so much information that is not in there that has to be learned 'as you go'.

I have heard that there was a difference of opinion on the team that made this product, and that one of the key engineers split before they could get all the details laid out.

I wish I could ahold of THAT guy! Let me know if you work out the Robot voice. One of my friends made one, and it was a relatively analog process... can't remember the details but I will ask her and get back to you. Made a pretty good robot sound.
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OK, thanx. It would be great. :)  
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 :D I've found an effect Similar to a robotic voice! Here is an example of exactly how i done it:
First i loaded the sample:Its a kind 2 from the spoken ted section.
In the riff editor i pasted it on octave 5 and 2 bars in length

Here is the important stuff:

I selected TUBE 4 from the list of presets.
I entered a yellow note in the note repeat box.
I then went back to the song sequencer,scrolled down to the reverb channel and changed the reverb type to delay.

Here are the settings i used:

DEPTH: 100 to 100
DELAY: 003 to 003
FEEDBACK:081 to 081

Experiment with various preset effects and tweaking the reverb settings.

Sounds cool!!!  ;D Would sound better if i could find a spoken sample where the pitch of the voice doesn,t raise or lower during the sentence.


mhmm interesting I should try this sometimes


Wow,  :o Thanx a million Irndemon, I have to try it, but my tv is broken, so I have to wait till it works.

To DJ Omnimaga: Have you tried this effect yet? What was it like?
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147 crew

Was just listening to YT vids and it just popped in me head. Obviously its not from the MUSIC2000 cd, but, when you post a comment you can audio preview. You could always record that using audacity or whatever. Like Irndemon said in a different topic you might have to spell words incorrectly to get the word you want. Could be good? Think I might use it for something.


Bit of a long winded way of doing it but this is how i got the 'weapons division' voice on my track 'weapons division'......
Windows xp - start menu - control panel - sounds speach audio devices - speach. This gives you a sentance you can type and microsoft 'sam' will say it.   Open up audacity, (get your levels right,might take a few trys)hit record then click preview speach. Click stop. You can then edit/trim it up, export to .wav. Burn a cdr (use a cdrw if you dont have anything else to go on it!) Pop cd into playstation and sample it. Bingo! Add some effects to make it even more robotic either in Music or audacity.
Note... you may want to put in a 5 second gap(or another sound as a guide) before the sample starts as it makes it easier to 'catch' the sample when trying to get it onto the playstation!

Its easier if you have pc version of music2000, just import the wav.
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DJ Ryznup

Yeah thats a great way to create that effect. I used a text to speech voice for my song 'Xtra-Terrestrial' and I did it through Music Maker. Music Maker has an option to use the text to speech voices in the program as well as the voice already on your computer. After you type in the words and are happy with how they sound after you preview them, the program can then instantly create a .ogg file to easily cut arrange and add effects to it in Music Maker.

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