How do you use 'record from audio' feature?

Started by Gruvenheimer, March 05, 2008, 05:52:58 AM

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I feel silly for even having to ask this because I have used the software forever. But I have never completely figured out the process. I know there is a way to record audio from pc, and I know how to start it in the generator, but how do you aim it or select what you want to record from on your computer?

I even called tech support on this and he wasn't very clear on the instructions. (apparently the engineer that was working on the first version had a tiff with the company and quit before all the instructions could be laid out and bugs smoothed over - that was what I heard from a secretary working at codemasters USA, west coast office).

ANYWAY, I digress... has anyone else out there managed to figure this process out? Can I import disected bits of wav and mp3 files to do remixes for my friends?  
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I know, I have been advised of that too...

but there is an import function in the generator.

anyone ever successfully used it?  
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Okay, I got the CD controller thingy to operate CDs on my machine from inside the software, but it still won't record the song bits I want when I do the obvious functions (play song, hit record, hit stop, go to the sample list).

The new sample is there in the list, it is just silent >SHRUG<  I will call the techie on Monday at condemasters. It is just a bother playing 20 questions, and then he will want me to run a diagnostic.

147 crew, I downloaded the Audacity, looks good. I will give it a go tomorrow and see what comes of it. It would just be a real coup for me if I could finally get the sample import feature to work... I am thinking there is something not talking to the software from my computer, or I have a mixer setting not set correctly.

ANYhoooo, just chattin back. Thanks for the help.
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I recorded from CD tonight... practiced messing around with Bon Jovi just for fun. Sounds like shyte over a dance beat LOLOLOL.

But I did successfully manage to record INTO the sample palette from a CD! And I replicated the step several times, so it is a for sure thing.

I tried to load audio from PC and can successfully make the recording, but when I hit stop it crashes the program for some reason.   <_<

Time for more research... I know it can be done. I think there is an indeo codec I have to download as a patch... MS used to include it with their updates but no longer does. We'll see. I'll report back when I solve that issue.

But anyway... I DID IT! (yay!)

Here are the steps. Follow them as close as you can! (some of the icon locations were not the same as my version - left vs. right - may have been a typo on tech supports part):


In Windows you must have the Volume Control installed, if you don't you must install it or use whatever volume controller came with your Sound Card.

1. Start a CD Playing
2. Then double click on the volume icon in the tray.
3. Adjust the Sliders to determine which one controls the volume of the CD player. Do not change the main Windows Volume.
4. Go to options then properties
5. Select Recording
6. Make sure that you have CD volume ticked or which ever control changed the volume
7. Click on OK
8. Now adjust that Recording volume to about 75%

Now in Music 2000 you should record a sample like so.

1. Select the CD Player icon on the top right hand of the screen.
2. Select No Video.
3. Insert the audio CD as requested.
4. Press Play then Record your sample
5. Select Song Track from the top left of the screen (1st icon).
6. Press the Right mouse button and select Riff Editor, you should see a pink box asking you to select riff length. You can adjust the riff length by clicking the left mouse button and dragging.
7. When the desired riff length is set release the mouse button. This will take you into the Riff Editor.
8. Push the right mouse button to bring up the menu.
9. Move down to Sample palette and press the left mouse button.
10. This will show your loaded samples, i.e. Sample0001, Sample0002 etc. Select the sample you wish to load and press the left mouse button.
11. This will take you back to the Riff Editor which should ask you to Paste note. You can paste the note by pressing the left mouse button and dragging.
12. You can play the sample by pressing Space.
Now you can do what you like with the sample, i.e. edit, cut, etc.

I noticed sometimes you have to load the CD (physically) in to the tray more than once. You can tell when it starts reading the CD because you won't be able to move your cursor around. Then just wait... it takes a couple of minutes!

Cheers!   B)  
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i wish on Playstation emulators we could use the import from CD feature in MTVMG :( for me it just freezes the emulator. On playstation I used to load CD samples fine until my MTVMG CD stopped working


That is a serious bummer about your CD. Did it just wear out?

I have mine hidden away and I use dupes when I am working. Esp since being on here and hearing talk about CD's quitting working.

I am still trying to wrap my head around the instability factor on the PC version. I am remixxing a song now for someone else, using entirely imported sounds from outside the generator. Now, it is playing the samples inside the riff editor all messed up. LOL. At one point I was toying with going really fast, so I had the bpm at 194, but as the remix wore on I dropped it back down to 140. But it is like the editor and the sample palette are playing everything at 194 still (and scratchy too).

HERE's THE  THING THOUGH: At one point tonight the problem corrected itself on it's own. And then later on it came back. LOL. There has to be a fix somewhere, right? I mean, software is designed to run on logic. I am thinking maybe it is a memory issue? >SHRUG<  I know my computer has a lot of memory, but maybe the software can only handle so much at a time?

I am a man on a mission. I downloaded a newer version of direct x (9) today. I haven't noticed any difference yet, but I will report back if I do.

One time I was on the phone with tech support (back when they were still in Cali, they are all in the UK now) the guy mentioned something about an indeo-codec that used to come bundled with MS updates but was no longer and had to be purchased.

I am going to go google that now I guess... the good news is that the remix is coming along well. =]  Can't wait to share when it is done!
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