Clicks and Pops when converting to WAV from MTV

Started by Gruvenheimer, March 29, 2008, 10:10:28 PM

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When I convert a track from the MTV file to a WAV format I get clicks and pops at random. On an wave form they show up as spikes.

Up until now the only way I have fixed it is to go in with wavlab and smooth out the spikes. But it is time consuming.  <_<

Does anyone have a clue as to what causes this, or have you encountered it and figured out a fix?  :ph34r:

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In Audacity, there is a "Click and Pop Removal" effect, though whether it'll work smoothly, I don't know. Simply record the audio as normal, then highlight the entire waveform (or hit CTRL+A, it's easier) and go to Effect >> Click and Pop Removal... . whether you want the removal to be more sensitive or not is up to you, but I'd experiment.

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Happens to me sometimes too, I just reload the program and check my volume input..seems to work, don't know if this helps?


hmmm speaking of clicks and pops... am i the only one who finds that when using certain samples or changing the offset of a sample, a clicking sound is audible?
this is sometimes made worse when adding reverb, particually space.
this is a very annoying drawback of mtvmg2.
its not so bad if the click/pop happens in the main tune but when it happens in the breakdown it can sound really bad!!!
does music 2000 suffer from this? any tips on how to minimise or get rid of the clicks?


yeah its annoying, but in Music 2000 it happens even if the sample offset is at 0. It mostly happens if the note fade in/out is set so there are no fade in and notes are stuck together. Listen to my Final Fantasy 6 trance remix for an example (listen carefully to the song bass)

There isn't much way around this, except to alternate between two channels for every notes in a riff. like put note 1, 3,5,7,9,etc in channel 1 and 2,4,6,8,10 in channel 2. THis also prevent notes from cutting each others.  


hmmm... the only technique i use is...
for example, sinetime bass (really good bass sample) even at offset 0, clicks when played... so i change the note envelope to fade in, but only a very slight fade in so you dont lose to much of the note sound!
either that or put a vinyl crackle over your entire track to disguise the clicks and pops lol!  :lol:  

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yeah its made even worse as I can never get the full effect of notes through headphones all the sounds seem to be ok, but then you listen through speakers and it stands out like a sore thumb

Happens lots with big bass samples, but that slight fade in of the sample is definitely the easiest solution and the 2 channel idea works a treat but then the skin gets filled up so quick  :(